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Dose – 52 Personal Prescriptions & Top Tips for a Happier Life

As a writer of well-being books for kids and teens I have read my fair share  of wellbeing books and studied the science behind wellbeing in great depth.

Dose was however a breath of fresh air!

It contains 52 science backed SIMPLE ways to help you find a happier life. A lot of the tips I had heard before but didn’t really know how they worked and quite a few were brand new to me and I was excited to try them.

 Dulcie and Iain really know and have researched their stuff, Dulcie is a coach and trainer and Ian is a neuroscience expert.  They both have a strong belief in challenging and connecting thinking to help people ‘untap, unleash and realise’ their possibilities.



Top Tips for a Happier Life


In Dose they share  52 tips (one for each week) that are simple, easy to execute, fun and purposeful. Just the thought of wearing bright clothes, having baths 2 afternoons a week and playing  catch and cards with my kids makes me smile and the kind of thing Dose advises us to do. 

The science behind each of the 52 tips is clear to understand and makes sense of what might seem a rather odd idea and if you are a logical person or like an evidence base behind your actions it can be very encouraging. The activities are also linked to others so you can build great habits by stacking them. I love that!

I have been trying out a few of the activities from Dose. Here is how I got on: 


Drink a shot of beetroot juice! 

Dose tells us that studies have shown that drinking a shot of beetroot juice enables people to train faster and longer  (16% longer!) and that they stay mentally sharper after exercise too. A great win for a little drink. I took my shot before a walk and I do believe I walked more energetically and I certainly felt more productive after my work. Slightly perturbed to find my wee turned pink but a small price to pay for increased vitality. 

Tips for a Happier Life


Take a warm bath in the afternoon

I am a huge bath fan and take one each and every evening but never in the afternoon. Dose shares a study that shows afternoon bathing  has more impact on depressive moods than exercise – this is due to afternoon baths resetting circadian rhythms and eventually leading to better sleep cycles,. I found afternoon bathing to be a delight – a huge treat too and something to look forward too. The only downside was I didn’t really want to work afterwards. 



 I love the advise in Dose to have some p more playtime ! And today I’ve played catch and cards with my bemused teen much to the delight of both of us.  Did you know when you stoop making connections and learning new things your brain literally dies. Agggh not great news. So today is the day I learned a new game of cards and reconnected with my (big) kid. Play essentially keep you young and helps you bond. 2 really mentally healthy investments. And we had great fun.


So I have tried out 3 of the 52 activities so far  and I have to say they have been simple, delightful and impactful. I will be recommending Dose and working my way through their 52 tips. What a fab book! 



I was sent Dose for the purpose of review but all thoughts are my own 

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