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Dreaming of Romantic Getaways

Romantic Getaways

I do love to travel and in my younger years I went away somewhere lovely with my other half at the drop of the hat.

Dreaming of Romantic Getaways, romantic getaways

The year before my son was born we travelled to paris and got engaged. Ah, it was very romantic – we took in all the sites and strolled leisyurely along the Seine and stoofor hours ganzing at the amaxing art and architecture.

We holidayed in Gran Canaria and soaked up the sunshine, drank a little too much and had long lazy lies in s before heading fdown to the beach.

Then we went to Zurich too to see a friend and toured the designer store sand even ended up in Tiffany’s trying on rings. There we drank champagne in a piano bar and stayed up far too late.

Romantic getaways are just wonderful. Memory making.

Times change

Then along came our beautiful children with mucky hands, early bedtimes and a need to stay out of the sun too much. None of our them destinations or styles of holidays worked for them and they just became distant and lovely memories. Instead, we went local and low key and had the best of times but oh so different to those days of just the two of us.

I have been perusing the Destination2.co.uk website. They are a long-haul luxury Travel Operator, specialising in a range of luxury destinations at the most compelling rates in the market. They have some lovely destinations.  Scrolling through their various destinations has set a little travel flame alight in me. Oh my thoughts are turning to Thailand and other exotic places. Malaysia would be marvellous too and Abu Dhabi!  I have had my fill for a little while of camping and caravans and cottages by the sea in unpredictable blighty.

A romantic getaway would be rather marvellous.

I can picture it now – sunshine and cocktails and a little bit of culture and sightseeing too and time together. Just a whole lot of time and for it not to be all about the kids. Much as I absolutely adore the m we all need a little break every once in a while. And a romantic getaway just has to be good for a relationship, doesn’t it?

Where would you go to if you were to head off on a romantic getaway?



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