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Dress Like Your Favorite Hip-Hop Artist


Dress Like Your Favorite Hip-Hop Artist


Rap music and hip-hop culture have been working too well on the image of a fancy lifestyle so appealing that it makes you want the same house as the famous rapper has, same cars the celebs drive, same outfits and jewelry the favorite artist wears. We can’t really help with the first two, but at least we’re able to help you build up the same style of clothing. And you know what they say, if you want a job of your dreams, start dressing as if you already have one, so picking the right outfit may be a good start.

We’d better start with making sure you have enough baggy T-shirts with graphic prints, loose shirts and vintage basketball jerseys. Bright-colored hoodies shouldn’t be left behind as well. The famous designer brands like Wu Wear and Sean John have a great deal of images you may start with if you need the inspiration for your modern hip-hop looks. 

If you’re a fan of an old-school rap, the Starter jacket back from the 90s is a must-have piece of your wardrobe, or consider one of the iconic Pelle Pelle leather jackets if your role model is 50Cent. Talking about jackets, we can’t miss mentioning the army jacket which DMX frequently used in his looks.

The right chosen jeans are the initial part of the rapper’s image. Sure thing, they also should be as baggy as possible. Such brands as Southpole and Mecca are often preferred by rappers. But the thing you need to be aware of with your jeans is that they should leave a space for the belt and shoes to make their show. A belt is a special accessory that you can use not only for your loose jeans to stay right where they should, but to show off your individuality. The complex design of the huge belt buckle decorated with dazzling stones will guarantee the amount of attention you’re counting on. As to the shoes, you should start with the famous brand sneakers, like Reebok, Nike, Adidas, Timberland or Jordan. The boot-high shoes with a large tongue sticking out over the jeans make a significant contribution into a rap style.




There are such accessories that you simply can’t imagine the hip-hop look without. The bling jewelry is practically the basis of every respectable rapper’s image. The iced-out chains and pendants, bracelets and rings, those are the jewelry a hip-hop celebrity can’t do without. That’s why it deserves careful consideration.

As the chain necklaces are the favorite jewelry pieces of rappers we offer few variants that even the beginners will be able to implement into their outfit without any complications. The Cuban link chain is the icon among the rap jewelry. It accompanied the rap culture from the early 1970s. The most recognizable pattern of twisted flat oval links, which is best suited for diamonds, came from Miami. The Cuban link chain possesses incredible strength and durability, the vital criterion for the hip-hop jewelry. It has proven that there is no necklace more suitable for pounds of iced-out pendants. The Cuban chain itself is not one of delicate necklaces and makes a perfect statement bling jewelry piece. Another advantage of this chain lies in its shine. Even without diamonds the polished massive links of the Cuban chain draw attention with their noticeable luster. You’ll literally shine with luxury and glamour with a chain like that.

Once named the “Best Dressed Man In The World” by Esquire, Pharrell Williams definitely knows a thing or two about hip-hop jewelry. Among his necklace choices there’s one especially appealing, it’s the Mariner, or Gucci chain with 18 links and a pendant displaying the logo of the Billionaire Boys Club, covered with diamonds. This work of jewelry art, set with diamonds, rubies and emeralds, cost him $1 000 000! It’s, indeed, the chain necklace to show off your success and sense of style. Just like the Cuban, the Gucci chain is extremely strong and works well for massive pendants. It’s an easy way to spice up your rap look with this sophisticated necklace.

Run D.M.C. and Eric B.& Rakim were the legends that, apart from their music, brought the stunning rope chain to the world of fashion in the 1980s. The simple concept of the chain has gained it popularity due to the hypnotic design it possesses. This necklace actually does remind me of the twisted rope, though it looks extremely chic when made of gold. Rich and famous hip-hop celebs frequently choose this chain style to finish their looks. Rope chain is one of the basic necklaces that should be present in the jewelry collection of every rapper. Sparkly and strong, it’s yet another chain necklace that has earned its reputation by years of being reliable and stylish accessory able to make a bold statement.

But not only necklaces make the rappers’ looks. Massive chunky bracelets, especially the ones that are iced-out, are also the trendsetters in hip-hop fashion. Those made after the chain patterns we’ve already mentioned are the undeniable classics, but there are few edgy items that create not only the images favored by rappers, but are eagerly used in mainstream fashion. If you want something really unique, look for black diamond bracelets. Those trendy accessories make the look not only expensive, but intriguing and unusual as well. They make the style look fresh and intensify the badass vibes. The combination of classic white diamonds with black gems within a high-end luxury bracelet provides a clear message according to your exquisite taste and high status.

Not only gold rules hip-hop fashion. The Hip Hop White Blue Diamond Bracelet for Men is proof that the combination of silver and diamonds is capable of creating the extravagant hip-hop bling jewelry to make people not only look your way, but to discuss your jewelry choices for days. Your “drop mic” statements will surely be more convincing with such a bracelet on your wrist.

It’s already quite clear that rap outfits are usually combined with the jewelry that is flashy, shiny, massive and bright. Those are the items that should scream of your wealth, success and status, so everything that is huge, gold and covered with diamonds should work well enough.

To finish your hip-hop image there are only a few accessories left. The typically oversized sunglasses, preferably square-shaped ones with dazzling studs will add to the significance of your style. Going for such brands of shades as Sean John and Adidas you won’t fail to finish your rap image successfully.

If you want to go all out, you should consider grills, the caps that cover your teeth made of precious metals and sometimes set with gems. There won’t be any doubts as to what style of music you prefer, when you show up wearing grills.

To polish your hip-hop style to perfection, you have to think of wearing a bright bandana under your cap. The bandana is not obligatory for the rap look, of course, but it makes it quite clear that you’re devoted to rap and hip-hop culture to the fullest.

Those tips should be useful for you to take your first steps on the way to becoming a hip-hop fashion icon, ready to not only match your favorite artist, but to shine even brighter.

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