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Sofa Accessories – What do you think about when dressing your sofa?

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Sofa Accessories


I suppose the obvious choice for dressing your sofa has to be cushions,

I was recently sent some  cushions from Arlo and Jacob that  have dressed my sofa for Spring beautifully. I have a lovely red squashy sofa that has seen better days but gorgeous cushions seem to have given it a new zest for life and I am feeling quite fond of it all anew.

Cushions can add colour, character, style, a nod to current trends, a look of comfort and luxury and they can really soften and freshen a room.  I change my cushions regularly but I think these geometric cushions beauties will be lounging around for quite some time.

At Arlo and Jacob you can cover your cushion in your choice of over 120 fabrics from their house range.

2015-2016 2851


Ah it really feels great to put your feet up doesn’t it and footstools don’t have to be boring. Take alook at this fabulous velvet in pink  this would certainly jazz up a room!

foot stool

soft velvet peony foot stool


I have never yet mastered the art of draping a throw! But they really can look rather wonderful and afdd both texture and colour to a sofa and help it transition the seasons. How about a wool tartan for winter and a light bright silk for summer?


So you can see their are many ways to jazz up your sofa nadkeep it fresh and seasonal. What’s your favourite way to do this ?






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