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Easter Basket Ideas for Tweens -7 Awesome Ideas

Are you all out of Easter basket ideas for tweens?

If so you have come to the right place as I have some lovely ideas for you here. So much better than just buying a ton of chocolate an Easter basket allows for a few more extra alternative treats and for you to get creative.


Easter basket ideas for tweens


Easter Basket Ideas for Tweens

I have the sweetest ideas for you (no pun intended) though if you are Easter puns checkout this link!


An Easter basket – full of Easter Basket Ideas for Tweens

 Firstly you are going to need to get a basket because what doesn’t look cuter than an actual basket.

I rather love this willow basket it looks perfect and will hold plenty and it will definitely get more uses ( picnics, fancy dress, book storage?) 





A fun activity book for your Easter Basket Ideas for Tweens 

Depending on your child and whether they need more happy or more self-kindness in their life one of my activity books would make a lovely addition to an Easter basket. Each is packed with 50 fun activities sure to entertain your tween throughout the Easter holidays and beyond.


Easter basket ideas for tweens


My Create Your Own Kindness book is Spring Fresh green and full of the most beautiful illustrations encouraging tweens to be kinder to themselves other people and the planet, It is has been voted one of The Independents 15 best journals for kids  in 2021

Activities include tai chi, making a lava lamp, creating a kindness cake, looking after the bees and much more.

Buy Create Your own Kindness


Easter basket ideas for tweens


Create Your Own Happy is a happiness boosting book for tweens teaching them ways to boost their own happiness and a smile more and cope better with life’s challenge s focussed in on helping them feel feel happier themselves, bring more joy to others and make the whole world happier too.

Activities include upcyling, finding awe, creating a laughter first aid kit, and building a bug hotel.


Buy Create Your Own Happy 


A pea pod keyring – Easter basket ideas for tweens

Have you seen these pea pod key rings? They are my new favourite thing. perfect for a child who likes to fiddle and a truly cute addition to an Easter basket for a tween- and Peas are just so Spring like aren’t they! 



Easter basket ideas for tweens


Buy pea pod keyrings


Crafting Projects – Perfect Easter Basket Ideas for Tweens 

If you fancy popping in a crafting project this book gets my vote. Easy Paper Projects for Kids is a lovely book with over  60 ways to help your little ones create, decorate and celebrate from lanterns and holiday garlands to wearable brooches and headbands. Maggy Woodley, founder of awesome craft blog Red Ted Art,


 You can purchase this form Amazon (link above) or here from eBay with FREE postage 



You could also add in a ream of coloured paper so they can get started!


Something handmade in your Easter Basket Ideas for Tweens


easter nature craft, nature egg craft


How about something handmade and super cute like this sleeping bunny egg I made decorated entirely with with nature? I think it might be my favourite Spring craft creation ever

Kids love to think you have thought about them JUST the same way adults do can you spent a little it of time making them something special (top tip – use a hard boiled not a blown egg to avoid breakage!) 

Easter basket ideas for tweens have to include a little bit of cute!


Chocolate (of course) 


Easter basket ideas for tweens


A homemade chocolate bark is a cute Easter gift ideas for a tween and could have all their fabourites included or how about a packet of these chocolate jazzies (both easily made vegan by using vegan chocolate and toppings too ?)




Flowers – Easter basket Ideas for tweens 

 Tweens very rarely get their own flowers so do pop in a bunch of daffs too. They will make your tween feel supper special and they are an inexpensive but fun addition.


Easter basket Ideas for tweens


Well I do hope you have enjoyed these Easter basket ideas for tweens if you have any other suggestions I would just love to hear from you d do drop me a comment below 


Further reading on Easter fun

Do you want to find out how to make and share kindness eggs? A lovely community spirited idea for easter time 



This post Easter basket ideas for tweens  contains some affiliate links to Amazon which means if you purchase through them I make a few pennies too 

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