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Easter Nature Crafts

Easter Nature Crafts are just the most delightful of crafts and something I enjoyed doing as a child and my mum and granny before me. they woudl often share tales of their easter  bonnet making and egg decorating and it would make me smile.

 As regular readers will know I really like to use nature in my crafting hence my book A Year of Nature Craft and Play (Harper Collins 2022)



My book is packed with nature based activities and follows the seasons of the year. The section on Easter nature crafts and play has a special place in my heart.


Easter Nature Crafts

Easter nature crafts are fun to make and a lovely way to get kids outside and keep them entertained during the school holidays

Easy Easter nature Crafts – Easter bags

To make your Easter swag bags simple draw a bunny outline on a paper bag in black pen +and fill in his ears with flowers and leaves to make him look like an Easter bunny 



Easter Nature Crafts



Traditional Easter nature Crafts – Egg decorating.

To  create decorated  easter eggs for the kids to hunt out you will need:

  • Hardboiled eggs in their shells (white look amazing but any will do and you can always paint them
  • Bits of nature (sticks, fallen flowers, leaves) Flowers and leaves need to be flattened so ideally use some you have pressed a few weeks ago OR just pop them between paper and place in the middle of a heavy book with other books on top for a few hours

Use a paint brush to spread modge podge onto the egg. Press the flowers and leaves into it to make any pattern you like then modge podge again lightly over the top to seal it. Stick whiskers and ears can be glued on with normal glue.

Egg and spoon race anyone? Sometimes the old games really are the very best 


Easter Nature Crafts


The prettiest of all 

I cannot tellyou how much I love these they are the cutests eggs in town and not a sprinkle of glitter to be seen, eco and of course thrifty too! 


Easter Nature Crafts



Easter stones 


To paint your stones you will simply need pens that mark on stones and some varnish or a sealant to stop the colours washing away.

These are lovely for kids to fund if you don’t want to  give them chocolate or they can’t eat it. they are also really fun to hide in your local community for local kids to find


More Easter Nature Crafts

Take a look here for some more beautiful easter activities 

Crafts for the Coronation! 




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