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Easy Lawn Care – 5 BEST Tips

Easy lawn care tips – let’s take a look.


Easy Lawn Care


Loving my easy lawn care tips

Do you long to have a perfect and easy lawn – one you know will look fabulous but not take days of your life maintaining?

I certainly do.

I love my grass to look fabulous.  I like to sit n my deck and admire it, picnic on it, even (when I am feeling really lively) have a game of footie on it with my kids. Some mornings I venture out and do Tai Chi barefoot on my lawn, early in the morning.

That’s a pretty perfect start to my day right there.


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Easy lawn Care – 5 top tips

I am definitely a minimal gardener though,  despite the fact I like it to look lovely, and so, for me, the plan is always to find great gardening hacks that can make my grass look amazing without too much fuss. This is why I have been researching easy lawn care tips.

Here are 5 I think are awesome and that I want to share with you:


Get a good lawn to start you off

Get the best turf you can as a starting point. If you start with the softest, top quality, greenest grass it will be much, much easier to maintain it. Take a look at turf supplies Sydney for quality lawn and make life simple for yourself from the start.


Easy lawn care – Zap any weeds

Grab the weeds and haul them out before they take deep root and spread. Weeds spread so easily, by birds, pets, wind, even your shoes, it is inevitable that a few are going to appear on your perfect grass. And you might even notice some weeds that look like grass. Ideally, you need to pull out the whole weed and preferably by its roots. You can use a tool, your hand or even a low toxicity weed killer.

Sometimes we get our kids to pull up the weeds and pay them a little for doing it. It’s good exercise too!


easy lawn care


Easy lawn care – Prevent waterlogging

Aerating your lawn is really important so air and water can circulate. To aerate you simply make tiny holes in it at various intervals. This can be done via machine, special shoes or just your garden fork. Aeration is easy and speedy and well worth doing and could absolutely make a huge difference to how your lawn looks and performs this summer. You will be so glad you made the effort.


Food and water – easy lawn care tips

Ah, we all need food and water to survive, don’t we? A sprinkler is an investment that will make your life so much easier but one that really will help keep your grass in tip-top condition.

When it comes to feeding Love the Garden advice treating twice yearly, once in the spring with a nitrogen-rich lawn feed and once in the autumn with a fertiliser with high levels of phosphate and potash.

Do consider Spring lawn feed too it really can make all the difference.


Mow regularly

Regular mowing encourages your grass roots to spread and keep your lawn super healthy. It will also help prevent bald spots occurring and make your lawn look amazing. If this feels like hard work you could get yourself a ride on mower, pay someone else to do it! or listen to a favourite podcast as you mow.


There are lots of ways to easy lawn care tips but get these basics right and you will absolutely have a lawn to be proud of and you will be pibnicking, admireing, playing games on and entertaining with your lawn as a focial point all through the Spring and Summer months. Doesn’t that juts sound absolutely delightful 


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