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10 Easy Ways to Promote your Book – Simple Inexpensive Ideas

Are you looking for easy ways to promote your book? 

I have just finished writing my 5th book Create Your own Calm – a wellbeing activity book for kids.




10 Easy Ways to Promote your Book & My dream job 

I never thought I’d get to write one so to be on number 5 – well it is absolutely a dream come true.

So exciting and such an absolute privilege. My books are published by the amazing Harper Collins and I have to pinch myself every day for this. It is such a privilege to work with them and to get my ideas out into the big wide world.



I love to write. When I am in book mode I get up super early ( about 5.30) put on some soothing background music make a strong coffee and crack on. I am very disciplined and focussed and I do a set amount of time each day. 

I do find my mind gets totally absorbed though so even when I steep away from the ey board I am still thinking about my subject and it is all-consuming. You would think wouldn’t you that once I’d done my edits and the book was completely out of my hands I would be having a well-deserved rest.

But no.

There is far more to writing a book than writing a book.

Easy Ways to Promote your Book

Marketing matters – Easy Ways to Promote your Book

Books need marketing – they need people to believe they need them  According to Wikipedia  In 2017 The New York Times described it as “the art of telling stories so enthralling that people lose track of their wallets.[1]

The key then is to tell your story.


Inexpensive and  Easy ways to promote your book

Product placement is always a good idea. Do pop on over to design bundles and see what they have to offer. They are really inexpensive and offer some great assets. I love this mug mockup and could totally see it popping my book cover on it as a great way to promote it..what a cute visual that would make.

I use creativity day in and day out and design bundles is an awesome place to get inspiration and resources., especially when it comes to me promoting my products.



 Easy Ways to Promote your Book


I really like the t-shirt mockup too, I think this is a fab image and could just see my teen book title promoted on the t-shirt. Wouldnt it look super cool.



More easy ways to promote your book

I could even do a mobile mockup to show what my book would look like an ebook before it even comes out. I think that would juts be so effective particularly if it was a cool cover. It’s suggestive too and hopefully, someone would want to purchase it as a result of the visual.


Easy Ways to Promote your Book


More Easy Ways to Promote your Book – Simple, Inexpensive Ideas

There are ways to promote your book that don’t include big expensive like billboards or Facebook promotions. Here are a few of my favourite

  • Guest posting- Offering a guest post to a like-minded blogger is a great way to reach a new audience and give your book a plug
  • Radio Shows – call up your local radio show and see if they fancy you having on to talk about your subject. if you can link your book to a topical new story then so much the better.
  • Local TV – see above – juts do an exactly the same, this is no time to be shy.
  • Instagram – share images form your book or relevant to your book and snippets from or about it. Pop your book link in your bio and away you go.
  • Twitter  – Join in conversations pertaining to your book subject, share you IG phots, guest posts and blogs pots on there to reach even more people. Twitter is not at all time consuming and a great place to shout loud and proud about any product you have made.
  • Facebook Page or Group – or both! Facebook can be a great place to share your book with like-minded people and even develop a group or page around your subject area- just dive on and give it a good go.
  • Blog Posts – Blog posts are a great way to share ideas form your book and give links to buying it they also help you with google searches around your subject. A blog is always a good idea if you have something to promote.
  • Podcasting – I have literally just started a podcast on Emotionally Healthy Kids to share my thoughts and ideas but also to help my book promotion. i cannot believe how easy it was on Anchor I was expecting it all to be far more complicated.



10 Easy Ways to Promote your Book – final thoughts

So there you go lots of easy visual ways to promote your book and lots of other social media ways to promote a book some free, some really inexpensive but all guaranteed to get your book out there and seen.

A book most definitely does not sell itself and you can absolutely give it a helping hand with these easy and inexpensive ways to promote your book

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