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Elektra Toi Et Moi engagement rings

I have a deep love for unique and unusual jewellery and the art of design.

I have been engaged twice in my life and both times were during periods of financial hardship so my rings never quite reflected my love of the bespoke (although of course they were given with deep love and promises of happy ending)

 If I was ever to get married again I would absolutely the stunning Elektra Toi Et Moi engagement rings  by an independent jewellery designer specialising in creating bespoke wedding rings, engagement rings, and exclusive jewellery collections.

Let me show you my 3 favourites from their range.


Elektra Toi Et Moi engagement rings


This rose gold, pink sapphire and white diamond ring is my personal favourite. It has the colours of love and it is utterly feminine I do think this would be my top choice! 

Elektra Toi Et Moi engagement rings


Crafted in white gold this stunning triangular sapphire and an exquisite emerald-cut diamond make this a n absolute classic with a twist. Perfect as an engagement ring or a timeless statement of love, it’s sure to leave a lasting impression

This funky Toi Et Moi style ring is a cool, modern classic and it features a stunning triangular pink sapphire (so unusual)and an emerald cut aquamarine which is said to represents the eternal bond between two lovers. Isn’t that just lovely.

The colour combo is super unusual and this would definitely make this ring an absolute ring to remember as well as a talking point! 

Elektra Toi Et Moi engagement rings


What makes these rings so special

Each of these stunning rings is handmade to order, it is a fine tuned job and each one takes from 3 to 6 weeks to complete. If your order is urgent you can ask for more express delivery however,  but you are advised to make contact to discuss.

Something so special takes a little time. 

Undeniably a modern, statement ring if you aren’t quite sure  it is going to suit you the company is happy to provide a sample of this ring for you to try before ordering,


Quality and sustainability

Nude Jewellery only sell items made with real precious or semi precious stones. All jewellery that include diamonds come with a clear description of carat, colour and clarity.

Ethics are at the heart of this business and their sustainability policy is clear: 

Most of the jewellery that we sell is handmade by us using Fairtrade or 100% recycled silver, gold and platinum. All of our bespoke wedding, engagement rings and jewellery is made from Fairtrade 18 carat yellow or white gold and platinum. Rose gold is still quite limited but as soon as it is available we will also be using this.

Wherever possible we will avoid using mined precious metal to help reduce our carbon footprint and be a responsible designer and creator.

What an interesting and ethical jewellers and what truly stunning engagement rings! Now to find a new man to propose to me! 


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