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Embroidered Duvet Covers

Embroidered duvet covers make a bedroom look so special and bring such a stylish quality to a bed.


Embroidered Duvet Covers


I think it is so important to have a bedroom that you think is absolutely lovely.

It is, after all, a place where you probably spend over 1/3 of each day and undoubtedly the most used room in your home. It is also a place for rest and recuperation, for you to totally relax after a long and busy day. Your bedroom is your sanctuary and it should absolutely feel like it. Your bedroom and how you decorate it and accessorize it really matter and can make a big impact on your wellbeing.


What matters in a bedroom

In order for a bedroom to be serene, the following factors need to be considered. Your bedroom needs to be neat and clean and decluttered well in order to help you calm your mind. Good storage helps you keep your bedroom in order and help it emit a peaceful and ordered vibe.  It should be lightly scented and filled with fresh air. Perhaps a lovely houseplant? 

I like neutral tones in a bedroom and a discreet lamp and light fittings. The tone I go for is minimal and sophisticated, comfortable, and quality.

Your bedding is of course absolutely crucial to a beautiful bedroom and oh I have some really lovely duvet covers to share with you today.


Embroidered duvet covers

Pushplinen sell 100% cotton sheet sets, cotton duvet covers, and embroidery border duvet covers both from their website and from their Etsy store. I absolutely love their border embroidered duvet covers and matching pillowcases and sheets. The reviews fo service and quality are al excellent too.

Embroidered Duvet Covers

These Eembroidered duvet covers come in a variety of thread counts and colored borders including white, taupe, navy, black, light blue and grey, burgundy, lilac, sage, ivory, brown, and more.


taupe Embroidered Duvet Covers


red Embroidered Duvet Covers

Aren’t these embroidered duvet covers just absolutely lovely? So stylish in an understated way.

I think a duvet cover you feel comfortable with and that looks fabulous too is a must for a stylish bedroom and embroidered duvet covers are just perfect


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