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End of Summer Transformation

End of Summer Transformation Ideas

 With the summer starting to wind down and the days getting shorter, we begin to get this irresistible urge to transform within the home, and it usually is a declutter that has built up over the warmer months.

With the winter months rapidly approaching, we want to prepare for the darker months with a calmer home, doing away with those things that have been hiding in the corners during the summer months and feeling the space throughout the house as we want to provide warmth through the dark.

We find the time to finally get through those cupboards of kid’s clothes that no longer fit, break out the warm rugs that have been put in the cupboard over the summer and time to find better alternatives to minimise care in the home overall.



The one thing that triggers people to begin the spring cleanout is an urge to declutter every room, throwing out those items that take up valuable space.

If you currently have an entire closet space under the stairs filled with old toys, bags of clothes that are well past their donation date and items that you will never find a reason to use and have been stored for a tip run that never happened, the hardest part is going to be being merciless and tactical with a clear out. Having a disorganised home increases stress levels and takes a toll but, being strict and realistic about the items you throw out eliminates unnecessary stress from your life and finds room for plenty of opportunities in the home.


Change Your Flooring – End of Summer Transformation

Sometimes a seasonal clean out means a deep clean with carpets, wood, stone and even rugs requiring specialist cleaning products to get sparkling.

Doing this chore regularly and is an expensive one if requiring the purchase of specialist cleaning agents. If you tend to dread doing this then you should look into changing your current flooring for Karndean click vinyl flooring, an option that has a lot of built-in easy-clean properties such as anti-stain and water resistance.

Luxury vinyl flooring also is highly scratch-resistant so when you do occasional cleaning with a simple mop or sweep you won’t damage the flooring in the process.


End of Summer Transformation


Changing the overall tone of your home is also a great way to breathe new life into an old surrounding.

Once your excess junk has been deposited to the tips or charity shops and your floor has been cleaned or installed, you can add a little extra freshness by giving the walls a fresh shade with neutral colours. After a room has been painted it provides a comforting feeling and a real sense of achievement in making changes in your life.

Clearing space, installing Karndean click vinyl flooring and providing a fresh atmosphere via colour schemes is the best way to implement change and provide a positive environment at the end of the summer months.


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