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10 Energy Saving Tips That Save Money Too


The cost of energy is constantly rising and shows no sign of slowing down. Homeowners across the UK are looking for ways to cut down on energy consumption to put money back in their pockets.

Saving energy saves money, and with these ten energy-saving tips you should be able to boost your bank balance with hundreds or even thousands of pounds worth of annual savings.


Power Your Home With The Sun

Solar panels are becoming a popular addition to homes across the UK. When you see how much energy they can save, and how much they can slash your energy bills, it is easy to see why.

Check out this guide to the best solar panels in the UK from the Federation of Master Builders to find the right option for you. These panels help any home to harness the power of the sun and cut down on one of the biggest monthly bills.


Switch Your Lights

Lighting uses much more energy than people realise, especially if you leave the landing light or a living room lamp on overnight. Switching to LED lighting can cut the costs of home lighting by more than half.

You can switch to LED bulbs easily, but LED lighting strips are becoming a more popular way to light a room, especially in living rooms and kitchens.


Choose Energy Efficient Home Appliances

Whether it is the TV in the living room, the fridge in the kitchen or the washing machine in the laundry, the appliances in your home are responsible for a large chunk of the energy your home uses.

Replacing older appliances with new energy-efficient models can make a significant dent in your energy bill and put some extra money in your pocket. Efficient washing machines can save water too.


Save Water To Save Money

The price of water has slowly been increasing as supplies of freshwater struggle to keep up with demand. Making changes at home to save water can help reduce your outgoings and save the planet.

Replacing your shower head can help reduce the amount of water you use, and so can reducing the amount of time spent showering.


Upgrade Your Insulation

The best way to reduce your energy use is to insulate your home. Modern home insulation is incredibly energy-efficient and is often made from recycled materials, making it even more beneficial to the planet.

Upgrading your home’s insulation will keep the heat in your home, and let you turn down the thermostat or turn the heating off earlier, driving down your energy bills as well as your carbon footprint.


Remove Draughts In Your Home

Draughts in a home are the reason a lot of people use excess energy in the cold months. Cold air coming in from outside, or warm air from your home seeping outdoors, costs people hundreds of pounds a year.

Draught-proofing your home is a simple, cheap, and easy way to cut down on energy bills and keep hold of your hard-earned money. It is so cost-effective it may pay for itself in just one winter.


Update Your Home Heating System

Modern hot water boilers and central heating systems are much more efficient than the older appliances found in many homes.

Update your hot water boiler, or switch to a new type of system like a heat pump. It will take some financial investment, but you will be rewarded in the years that follow as you see the cost of heating your home plummet like the temperatures outside.


Do Not Standby

Leaving appliances like the television or computer on ‘standby’ can be more costly and wasteful than many people realise. The little red light on the appliance deceives people into thinking that it is the only energy being used but behind the screen, there is energy being wasted.

Switch your appliances off when they are not being used and you will see the impact it has on your energy bills. You can save money every month, amounting to hundreds over a year.


Get Smart At Home

Smart home systems are being installed in UK homes every day, and when you see how much money and energy they save, and how convenient they are, you will want one in your home too.

This smart tech can let you control your heating and lighting from anywhere, and that is just the start. If you leave a light on when you go out, you can turn it off through an app on your phone.


Energy Saving Tips That Save Money Too



Update Your Windows And Doors

If you have not yet upgraded your home with energy-efficient uPVC windows and doors, why not? These updates will have a big impact on your home heating bill and will slash energy use in the summer too.

Modern double-glazed windows and doors help keep your home warm and can also keep the heat out on hot days, reducing the need for fans and air conditioning.

Try these top tips and you will see your energy bills drop, and your disposable income shoot through the roof. Why not invest these savings in home improvements that can save you more money?



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