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Enjoying the Sun Responsibly

Today – Enjoying the Sun Responsibly

The long hot summer that most of us are enjoying is proving that here in the UK, we are not always the best at enjoying the sun responsibly.

So accustomed to low temperatures, rain and grey days, when the sun does finally shine, we race off outside to soak up the rays.



Enjoying the Sun Responsibly

Exposure to sunlight is good for us. It gives us a sense of happiness and a strong sense of well-being, especially when we feel our bones warm in the sunshine.

We can play in it, walk in it, lounge in it and relax in it, all the time enjoying fresh air without layers of clothing and dodging rain clouds.

And then there is Vitamin D, an important nutrient that is made in our bodies under the skin. So you see, some exposure to the sun is good for our physical and emotional well-being.

But the sun can HARM you too

Our habit of running out into the sun as soon as it appears puts us at risk too.

Sunburn is uncomfortable and sore, and not good for the long-term health of your skin. But not only that, our attitude to sun cream and how we think it works is also putting us at risk.

We think that the higher the protection factor, the less often we have to apply it. And then there is the question, are we applying enough sun cream?

Skin cancer is not just moles gone bad, but skin that has been damaged beyond repair and sometimes as a direct result of spending long periods of time in the sun unprotected.

How to enjoy the sun responsibly

Is there any better way of spending your time than relaxing on one of Sloane & Son’s garden benches? Soaking up the sun, watching the sunset or even enjoying your morning coffee on the bench, listening to nature all around you is a great way to both end a busy day and start a new one.

And with their hints and tips for staying safe in the sun, you’ll find being outside even more refreshing and enjoyable.


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