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How to Ensure You Sell your House for the Best Possible Value

How to Ensure You Sell your House for the Best Possible Value

When you are looking to sell your property, the last thing you want is to receive a low or unfair price for your home. It’s no secret that there’s high-demand for property in the UK so this is certainly something you should be taking advantage of.

With this in mind then, how can you ensure you get the best price for your home? Well to make things a little easier for you, here are a few approaches to take before and during the selling process to help you hit your financial targets.

Repair any Obvious Issues

If you’re not already aware of any major issues with the property that could bring its value down, then it’s worth having a survey carried out so you at least know what the problems are before any prospective buyer challenges you. With this though, you can also shop around and price up any building work to get these fixed up; key areas include any structural integrity, that the roof is safe, secure and weatherproof and that the gas and electrical systems are within regulations.

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Freshen the Place Up

If you’re lucky enough not to have any major problems, another great way to add value is to give the interior and exterior a tidy and a fresh lick of paint. Maximise the space and potential your property has and essentially create a blank canvas of sorts for a buyer to put their stamp on.

Research the Markets

A big part of selling is knowing the markets – or more precisely, knowing what a fair price would be for your home. Look at properties that are similar in size, type and condition to yours to give yourself an idea of the going rate.

Consider your Selling Options

If you’re equipped with the knowhow, there’s nothing to stop you saving money on estate agent fees and selling the property yourself. Alternatively, you should again shop around for the agent with the lowest fees; there’s also auctions and online estate agents to consider as well.

Be Prepared to Wait

A final tip is to be prepared to take your time. It might be you get the price you want right away, but if things are going slowly, don’t feel like you need to sell to the highest bidder; try to hold out for more.

With all this in place you should be well on the way to ensuring you get the right best possible value. So act now and get your property or properties on the markets and sold for a price you’re happy with.



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