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Essential kitchen tools for a home baking business

Are you a cupcake baking pro? If people are always telling you that your baked goods are good enough to sell, you might think about starting up a home bakery. But there’s a difference between baking a few dozen cookies for a school fundraiser and turning them out on a bigger scale. You’ll need to think about packaging, marketing, and start-up funding. And most of all, you’ll need a kitchen that’s up to the job! Here’s a basic checklist of what you need to get started.

  1. Mixing tools

For professional baking businesses, digital scales are very important. You may be a master of eyeballing amounts at home, but when you scale up batches you need volume to be as accurate as possible. This will keep your finished products consistent. A good stand mixer is also an important investment, so you don’t give yourself carpal tunnel syndrome from all the mixing you’ll be doing! Commercial-grade mixers may be a significant investment, but they’re definitely worth it for serious businesses.

  1. Decorating tools

For your products to sell, you want to have cakes that are frosted to perfection. Load up on fondant rollers, rubber spatulas, and plenty of pastry bags. You’ll be doing loads of piping! Your chopping boards are also going to get some heavy use in an industrial baking operation, so look for blocks that are up to the task like Euroceppi’s products. Wood, bamboo, and stainless steels are all good choices here.


  1. Must-haves for cake making

Are you sticking to cookies and cupcakes, or will you craft made-to-order, bake-off worthy cakes for special occasions? These are often more lucrative than smaller items if you have a knack for baking and decorating. For cake making, you need a good turntable to apply icing evenly, as well as a special cake spatula, pans in all sizes, and pretty packaging to wrap it all up when you’ve finished the task.

While the specific items may vary slightly depending on your bakery concept, these essentials will get you off to a good start.



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  1. John
    June 9, 2017 / 10:53 pm

    Totally agree with all these. I think in my opinion the most important for myself is the vitamix. I love my vitamix and could now live without it. That and my kitchen aid. My wife and I use those on practically a daily basis.

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