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Essential Things to Think About for First-Time Campervanners

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Essential Things to Think About for First-Time Campervanners



A campervan holiday is a great escape from modern life, and great holiday to do as a family. Most families find that campervan holidays can be one of the most memorable holidays as they are all about creating your own adventure. One of the best things about campervanning is how adaptable it is, whether it’s the location, the amount of people travelling or the season – there is always something for everyone. There’s nothing better than waking up in the middle of the wilderness with no civilisation around for miles, the sun rising above the horizon and the prospect of a fun-filled day of activities on your mind –  and all with the people you love the most!

All of the wonderful details aside, if you decide to take the plunge, it’s important to consider the realities of camping. Campervans involve spending a lot of time with the people you travel with and this can be tough – spending such a long period of time in one space can be confining for any family, so being prepared is essential! Being organised for your trip will mean you can relax on your time away from home and make the most of it.


Think of the Children!

If you are travelling with children, you will know being organised is the key to a successful trip! You always need to make sure there is something to occupy them, whatever the weather. Making your own fun is easy enough to do, but if you are away from home for a week or two, you’ll need to prepare and bring their favourite toys to keep them entertained. For those unexpected rainy days, bring ones that are easy to pack away and don’t require messy hands – jigsaws, colouring books, playdough and board games are always stimulating.

For better weather, there are numerous outdoor games to play to get them running around. Think of things that are compact and don’t take up too much space in your campervan such as frisbees, tennis balls and racquets, skipping ropes and footballs! There are also plenty of childhood favourite games to play spontaneously such as hide and seek, hop scotch and tag to keep them occupied. Games like this are a great way of making friends with other children in the campsite – especially if your little one is an only child. Most children also love to read – keep a stack of their favourite books to hand for them to read, whatever the weather!

Do mkae sure you have a reallygood travel stroller packed


Make Room to Breathe

The most important aspect of not feeling too cramped in your campervan after too long a time is to ensure you have enough space. There are many ways to do this to create a bigger camping environment, or even the illusion of one! One of the best ways to is with campervan awnings – these can be a great way to stretch your existing space. Whatever the size of your campervan, there will be an awning out there to complement it and increase the space on your trip.

Awnings provide shelter from all sorts of weather – whether it’s windy, raining or you just need some shade from the sunshine! They can provide a cosy space for your friends and family to hide away from the elements yet still increase the space provided by your campervan. This can be especially useful when travelling with children as those rainy days are perfect for playtime indoors, whilst the adults can have their own space in their sheltered awning to relax. Awnings can help bed times go smoother – put the kids to bed knowing you can have your own sheltered space outside your campervan to stay close by, yet let them sleep in peace! They’re also great for storing items you don’t want to cram back into your campervan mid-trip, or for marking your space whilst you explore the local area on your day out.


Pack sensibly, and pack for everything


If travelling somewhere the weather is unpredictable, you will need to make sure you’re covered for all eventualities – and have spares of everything that will keep you going. Granted, you can always buy things on the road, but if you get back to your campsite in the evening after a day in the rain; trekking somewhere to find a shop that will sell you socks at 7pm is the last thing you need! Raincoats, umbrellas, wellies, extra thick socks, walking boots, hoodies, extra layers and tracksuit bottoms will all come in handy for those cold and wet days where you end up going for walks under unpredictable skies.

In summer time, we all know kids love to play outdoors, which will lead to grass-stained shorts and muddy t-shirts in no time! Spare t-shirts, shorts and swimming shorts will keep them going, although it might be wise to bring some travel laundry detergent just in case! For the sunshine don’t forget summer essentials such as hats, sunglasses, sun cream and insect repellent to keep everyone happy and healthy on your trip.

There are plenty of holiday checklists on the internet to keep you organised and ensure you don’t forget anything – make sure you take advantage of these to help you pack! Regardless of where you’re campervanning, you’re sure to have a blast on your campervan holiday and make memories of a life time – even if you forget your sunglasses, or your little ones’ favourite toy!


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