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Essential Things To Do Before You Leave New York

New Yorkers are deeply attached to their city – and for good reason. This vibrant cultural melting pot has been through some tough times but it never fails to rise from the ashes of hardship like the proverbial phoenix. Pair that resilient spirit with a seemingly countless abundance of experiences to savor, signature dishes to sample, people to meet and places to go, and you have the building blocks for a city like no other.

Of course, that only makes it harder when there comes a time when you have to leave New York behind, even if it’s only for a few days, or perhaps a few weeks.

If this is the situation you currently find yourself in, don’t fret. Here are some unmissable suggestions for things you should do and places you should go before you have to catch your flight from New York, as well as some practical travel tips.

Read on to find out more and have an unforgettable final few hours in New York before jetting off to pastures new.


Sample Some Yiddish Specialties On Houston Street

It’s always a good idea to eat well before a trip, to give you the boost of energy you’ll need for travelling. However, airport food can often be generic and uninspiring. To sidestep that problem, why not make your way to Houston Street, on the Lower East Side, and treat yourself to some mouth-watering Yiddish delicacies from some truly time-honored eateries.

To sample a delicious slice of history, order a potato knish from Yonah Schimmel Knish Bakery, which grew from a humble pushcart into a thriving business over the course of more than 130 years. You can opt for either sweet or savory options, including red cabbage, cheese, chocolate or blueberry.

Alternatively you can go to Katz’s Delicatessen, which, as you probably already know, was made world-famous by that infamous scene from When Harry Met Sally. If you’re lucky, you may even get to sit at the very table itself, while you feast on one of the deli’s signature sandwiches.


Things To Do Before You Leave New York


Refresh Yourself With A Walk On The High Line

If you have a long flight ahead, you may be keen to stretch your legs in the hours leading up to your departure.

While New York has plenty of places to take a scenic walk, perhaps one of the most enchanting is the High Line. This converted railway line-cum-public park was created and managed by a non-profit organization, bringing much-needed natural beauty and diversity into the heart of the city.

Some of the plants and insects you can encounter during your picturesque walk along the High Line include the fragrant bigleaf magnolia (a magnet for beetles), bur oaks, bees, butterflies, swamp azalea, Virginia bluebells, and foxtail lily, to name a very few. You can even adopt a favorite plant or insect if you feel so inclined, for an even deeper connection to this magical corner of New York.


Treat Yourself To A Sugar Rush

If you have a sweet tooth, or if you just feel like you need a sugar boost before your trip, then you should stop off at one of New York’s many temples to sweetness on the way to the airport.

On the Upper East Side, the Lady M Cake Boutique offers a paean to all things sweet and tantalizing, with its signature 20-layer crêpe cakes that come in an array of flavors – from red bean to pistachio and ‘Tres Leches’.

Other tempting possibilities include Magnolia Bakery and its world-renowned cupcakes; the plethora of unique Asian delicacies dished up at Lady Wong; and the global-inspired flavors of ice cream prepared by the Malai Ice Cream store at Carroll Gardens, in Brooklyn. Some of their offerings include Turkish coffee, sweet roti and ghee, and spiced peanut crunch.


Secure Your Parking

While it may not be as much fun as choosing a decadent ice cream flavor, another essential thing to do before you depart New York is to make sure you have somewhere secure to leave your car while you’re gone. Fortunately, that won’t be a hard task to accomplish, as Parkway Parking is on hand to help with their wide range of parking listings.

For instance, if you will be flying out of JFK, Parkway Parking can point you toward a variety of cost-effective parking options near John F Kennedy International Airport, many of which offer a convenient shuttle service to and from the airport. It never hurts to make your departure as smooth and hassle-free as you can!


Take A Few Minutes To Reflect At St Patrick’s Cathedral

Travelling can be stressful for many of us, prompting feelings of stress, anxiety, and possibly even panic. If you’re a nervous traveller, then it may help to steady your nerves if you go somewhere suitably awe-inspiring.

Happily, New York is home to a number of such places, one of which is undoubtedly St Patrick’s Cathedral, on 5th Avenue. This majestic Neo-Gothic edifice can be explored via a self-guided audio tour if you want to learn all about the history of the building and its artifacts. You can keep the tour on your smartphone or device even when it’s been completed, so you will always have memories of your experience and the cathedral’s quiet majesty ready to hand.

Things To Do Before You Leave New York

Arrive At The Airport In Good Time

Last but not least, though you may be loath to leave your treasured city behind even for a few days, it’s a good idea to arrive at the airport with plenty of time to spare.

This is particularly true if you will be boarding an international flight. Try and arrive at least two hours before your plane is due to depart, so you will have plenty of time to check in and make your way through security.

Once you’re safely through to the gate you will be able to relax and prepare yourself for your journey – perhaps by pondering all of the other unforgettable things you want to try once you get back to New York!


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