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Do you ever have a flutter on the Christmas number one?

 Do you ever have a flutter on the Christmas number one?

Do you ever have a flutter on the Christmas number one? When I was a kid my dad (who was a bookie) had a bet every year on the Christmas number one.


One year long, before Christmas he bet on Take That to get the number one spot. He got great odds. It looked like he was going to win big and at the very last minute Mr Blobby pipped them to the post.

Do you remember Mr. Blobby?

My dad was furious he had been beaten by the purple spotty thing! He used to shout at the screen every time Mr Blobby came on from them on!

It was so funny.

The yearly Christmas number one is such a heated competition. It’s early days yet, the winner of the current X-Factor series will always be a contender, but who knows who that could be!

Sir Cliff Richard himself has promised he’s going to be going for number one this Christmas, likely something from his new album. There will also be some charity singles who have a strong chance, so who will win this year will be tough to call?

I will probably follow in family tradition and have a go.

I never have a go on the lottery or scratch cards but I do also like a bet on the tennis sometimes.  I would only ever have a little be just for fun and never ever more than I could comfortable afford to lose. Just a £1 or £2 normally, My OH often has a Premier League bet who he thinks will win overall, who the top goal scorer will be or just on individual matches. For people that prefer ante-post betting at the races then Betway have you covered with ante post racing odds. There really is something for everyone!

Do you ever have a flutter?

Strictly Come Dancing is well underway and lots of people will have a bet on their potential winner I’m a Celebrity another show people love to make a bet on. Beting is a lifestyle choice and for me it was a very normal, fun part of my upbringing. Other people  feel very strongly its not right for them. What’s your take on this?

Do you ever bet on the Christmas number one or have a go on the lottery?


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  1. December 14, 2016 / 9:03 pm

    I think the Jo Cox single will take the crown

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