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Everything You Need To Know About Male Infertility

Everything You Need To Know About Male Infertility


Everything You Need To Know About Male Infertility

It is a common misconception that only women have issues with and relating to infertility. Out of those couples who are struggling to conceive, in 20 % of cases, it is the man who is the one with the problem. This goes to show that this is a condition that affects both sexes. The instance of a man being infertile can either be one of many reasons why a woman can not get pregnant or it can be the sole and deciding factor as to why the couple are not able to conceive a child. 

For this very reason, it is of great importance that all men thinking about trying for a baby with their partner get tested in order to see how fertile they actually are. The younger that a man does this, the better. Although as is common place with many men, they put being tested out of sheer embarrassment and to avoid an awkward situation. However, if it is identified at the early stages, it can help to save lots of time, money, and discomfort searching around for the issue later on in life.


How does fertility testing work?

After visiting your GP with your issue, you should then be transferred to a specialist urologist. They will likely conduct a physical examination on you and ask that you produce a semen sample for them to analyze. You should not worry about doing this as it is a common test that the specialist would have performed many times and by doing so you will save both yourself and your partner / future partner many hours of anguish when it comes to trying for a child. 

Should the analysis of your first sample come back as normal, then it may be the case that you have to provide another sample so that your semen can be tested again by the urologist in order to determine its accuracy. If the analysis of the second samples returns another normal result, then you can take that as an all clear from any significant issues with your fertility. 

If something is shown up in the analysis of the sample that you produced, then it is likely that a series of other tests are performed in order to determine exactly what the issue is. 


What problems does a semen analysis detect?

By conducting an analysis of your semen sample a urologist can identify a number of problems. One of the main things is relating to the morphology of your sperm. This is the structure and form, and if they are not as they should be, it can have a direct impact on fertility. In addition to that, the specialist will also be able to determine if your sperm is moving around in the fluid correctly, how many individual sperms are produced, and if any actual live sperms are produced at all. 

If any of these above mentioned problems are identified in your semen sample then do not worry as there are a number of treatments available. Some of these can be seen online here – https://www.numan.com/all-treatments.


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