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Useful Facts You Should Know About Bingo Daubers

Facts You Should Know About Bingo Daubers


Facts You Should Know About Bingo Daubers


Bingo daubers

Bingo daubers are a vital tool when you play the game. This specialised marker is also known as dobbers and dabbers. Players use this marker to mark the bingo card numbers to remember where the game has reached easily. Daubers are assuredly an essential tool in traditional bingo, but now it has arrived in online bingo as well.

Not only it is just a bingo tool; it has become a fashion accessory or lucky charm for some players. This is the thing for enthusiasm and interest.


Facts You Should Know About Bingo Daubers

Here, we will enlist some incredible facts  so that you can know why they are unique.


What Are Bingo Daubers? Also known as Bingo Markers and Bingo Dabbers

To be specific, these are a type of ink pen with different colours and symbols that can be used to the marker bingo card. Unlike traditional ink pen, bingo daubers have the shape of a plastic bottle. They are filled with different colours of ink and have a sponge-like tip.

Players use it to mark the numbers announced by the bingo caller mentioned on their bingo card. Generally, they come in a size of 45 ml of ink, but some bingo enthusiasts prefer the size of 80-120 ml so they can last for several games. The ink used in the daubers is non-staining and non-toxic. So, players can use it without any fear.


Origin of Bingo Daubers

The history of bingo goes back to France in the 1500s. However, it reached other countries in the eighteenth century. At that time, players used to mark the numbers with beans, and that’s why bingo used to be called beano.

Over time, many bingo game providers came with different methods to mark the number. After the incredible popularity of the bingo game in the 1960s and 70s, bingo daubers were introduced. The main aim was to mark the numbers without covering them. Plus, bingo game providers came with their logo or symbol on the sponge-tip to market their brand.


Bingo Daubers Come in Various Kinds

As bingo game comes in different types, there are different kinds of bingo daubers as well. As we said, they are fashion statement players who use various types of bingo daubers to express their love for the game. They can be disposable, reusable (refillable), novelty, and plain. Plus, the tip of the daubers can have different shapes and symbol. They can have symbols of sun, moon, hearts, superheroes, or game organisers’ logo.


Choosing A Bingo Dauber Is Essential

As there are different kinds of bingo daubers, choosing a good one is a significant process.

A good dauber must have a good tip that marks the numbers by flowing ink freely. Ink should be fast-drying so that it doesn’t spread over other numbers or the players’ hands. It should be light-weight and handy. As they come in different colours, you can choose the one that suits your personality.

Facts You Should Know About Bingo Daubers


Different Bingo Daubers and Different Ink Options for a Bingo Dauber

Just like the various kinds of this bingo equipment, a lot of ink options are available. Most bingo halls and bingo game organisers use standard bingo ink. It is budget-friendly, and most players prefer it. However, players can choose different colours and ink. Pink, orange, aqua, and purple are some popular choices for general players. On the other hand, young players prefer lime green, coral, teal, and lilac in fluorescent daubers.

Put this shine and glitter aside; manufacturers use ink that is safe to use. They are made with consideration of old, young, kids, and pets. Most manufacturers use non-toxic ink. Plus, they are non-staining, so even if you get them on your hands or clothes, they can be cleaned easily. Nevertheless, you should check the details mentioned on the packaging beforehand.


Buy or DIY you Bingo Pens or Bingo Dauber

They are very popular among the bingo community, but finding them in stores is a daunting task. If you wish to buy bingo daubers, then bingo halls or bingo websites could be the best options. Online shopping websites like Amazon and eBay also have great varieties of bingo daubers.

If you are excited about the bingo daubers and want to have a personalised dauber, then you can make it at your home. You can buy ink, bottles, and sponge-tip from the store or the website. This process can be messier if you don’t organise yourself. You can get different ideas to make bingo daubers on YouTube as well.


Bingo Daubers Have Multiple Uses

This bingo tool is not limited to the game of bingo. Schools have also adopted such daubers to teach the students. They don’t use exactly similar pens, but they are like rubber stamps. Since they come in different shapes and colour, art projects and other academic activities become entertaining for the pupils.


Online Bingo Platforms Use Daubers

In the last few years, the popularity of online bingo sites has skyrocketed. Since such platforms are available 24/7 and have easy accessibility to the game anytime, players love to play bingo online. Players don’t need to travel to bingo halls. Online casinos replicate the real bingo experience in the virtual world. They offer an option of virtual or digital dauber with multiple choices of colours and shapes. Here, players are given a digital bingo card, and the numbers can be marked with such a virtual dauber.

Some online bingo sites also offer an option of auto dab. Here, players can choose the colour, size, and other things about dauber in advance. And, when the numbers are called, they will be marked automatically on the digital bingo card. This helps when you forget some numbers or miss by any chance.

Bottom line

Thus, these are some incredible and fun facts about bingo daubers. They have different names in different regions but serve the same purpose. Whether you play online bingo or bingo at tradition bingo halls, daubers’ use is fun and essential.

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