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Falling Back In Love With Your Home After Lockdown

Falling Back In Love With Your Home After Lockdown and how to do it 

Lockdown has been a challenging time for all, and many people are anticipating an end to all the dreariness.

Whether the finish line is right around the corner or some way off yet, thinking of life after lockdown could be useful.

After all, the BritishRedCross are already thinking ahead, seeking to tackle loneliness during and after the lockdown restrictions dissipate. A plan of action may be needed in several areas of your life, and you’ll need to eventually find ways to reacquaint yourself with your old life.

The first area of review should be your relationship with your home. Even if you’re the fortunate owner of a lovely home, it might be that, by now, you’re sick of seeing the same four walls.

If that’s the case, then read the tips below, as they may help you fall in love with your home after the lockdown ends. Whenever that might be…



Spend Time Apart

If you’re experiencing major relationship problems with a person, one of the best things you can do is step back and reassess the situation after a period of reset and renewal within yourself.

You could take a similar approach with your property, also. After all, many people might take a break from their devices if they feel like they’re staring at screens much too often. Others may lay off junk food if they’re trying to lose weight.

Additionally, those who were recently sick of home working soon found themselves working in their local pubs as a suitable alternative, so people are already seeking ways to rectify behaviours they deem unhealthy here.

Of course, all these measures are temporary, so it might be that you just need time away from your home to get your mind right. Go for longer walks, or when lockdown is over, spend a night with a friend or relative. You could even embark on a long holiday, staying in a fancy hotel or other leisurely abode for some time away.

When you look upon your home with fresh eyes after a period of way, you’ll be equipped with one of the big things the pandemic has taken away from everybody, a realistic perspective. Perhaps you’ll know in your heart it’s time you moved on, or it could be that the time away has made you appreciate your familiar home comforts once again.


Update the Bedroom

The bedroom is the one space in the home that perhaps best reflects who you really are.

Here you’re surrounded by all your favourite things, from any potential partners to typically more treasured personal belongings. Tidy or messy, thematic or neutral, carefully curated or marvellously minimalistic – every inch of this room communicates something about you. The place where you retire is where you let your guard down, and revert to your base form.

Once the lockdown has abated, it might be that you’ll want to leave the ‘old you’ behind, or at least some semblance of who you were at that point in your life. Therefore, redecorating the bedroom can also double as a reinvention of yourself, a chance to embrace new beginning. Spruce the place up and go crazy.

For example, these trundle beds from the aptly named Bedkingdom will provide you with much relief after a long year’s lockdown.

Boasting everything from beautiful bed frames to quirky ottoman beds, there’s a lot of choices here to help you retire for the day in the way that suits you perfectly. This company offer free delivery on all their beds for customers in the UK too, so the turnaround in how you view your bedroom can be fast here.  




Consider Who Else Lives There

Your home is more than just a lump of concrete – it’s memories and magic too.

If you live with someone, then they’re as much a part of the property as anything else.

Think of all the good times that have been shared in the space between you all, potentially including things like movie nights, fun-filled dinner times, training pets, or even simply watching junk television together. These are all things that make you see a true home when you look at a property, and not just an assemblage of materials.

It’s easy to fall back in love with your home when you consider not only what it means to yourself, but to other people too. This is the setting where all your souls are routinely laid bare, through touching moments and bitter arguments too. A family lives under your roof, whether you’re bound by blood or not. 

Spare a thought for those who live close by too. Members of your local community, travel links, entertainment scenes, wildlife – life is everywhere, and it all makes your home a great place to live. Be present in what’s around you, too. 


Replenish the Garden

It might be that standards in the home space have slipped while all the restrictions have been in place. This might be most poignantly obvious in the garden areas.


becky goddard


However, many people have been trying to make something of their gardens during lockdown, so if you want yours to be in good order after the lockdown lifts, you can get started on improving things right now. You could:

  • Plant spring flowers: Daphne, hellebore, windflowers, cowslip, and primrose plants are good choices, as they’re food for early insects.
  • Install water features: The sound of rushing water may be enough to bring an air of peace to your home.
  • Create seating areas: Gatherings in private gardens are now allowed, so creating a charming seating area for friends or family to gather could be worthwhile.
  • Build a shed: As well as being a fun little project in and of itself, building a shed can really enhance the practical aspects of your life. If you strongly feel that you don’t need a place to store tools, you could convert it into a small bar area instead.

You have options to consider here, and each one will help you fall back in love with your property. Garden areas often serve as a first impression on a property, and so many people consider them a point of pride rather sensitively.

They’re the property equivalent of a cool poster to a riveting motion picture, so getting things right here might just convince you to give your home another chance.


Get it Valued – Falling Back In Love With Your Home After Lockdown

It might seem like a peculiar point to make, but getting your home valued might just be the ticket to helping you consider your property in a whole new light or reaffirm what you already know.

You might not think much of your property, but if other people do, this might be enough to turn things around somewhat. Perhaps the real estate agent will point out perks and advantages with your home that you had otherwise forgotten or even never considered.

Even if the numbers aren’t shattering ceilings per say, if they’re a smidgen higher than your most modest expectations, that’s still great.  

That said, many homeowners often overestimate the value of their home, but if that includes you then don’t worry. You might disagree and feel defensive of your home’s worth, and thus come to appreciate it again from that angle. Or disparaging remarks could motivate you to upgrade your home, whether via extensions or DIY overhauls, and make everything better? In the end, a second opinion can do a lot for your self-esteem, and from there love may be found.  



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