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Family Friendly Furnishings: Happiness and Comfort for the Entire Family

Today – Family Friendly Furnishings

Juggling a family and maintaining a beautiful home is a tough task. Not only have you got to make sure the kids are fed with nutritionally balanced meals every day, but you have to keep your home looking in tip top condition too.


Family Friendly Furnishings

The balancing act of being the perfect homemaker and family member can be a difficult one. It isn’t impossible to have both a safe and stylish household, just take these few tokens of advice and try and adapt to them whenever you can.


Luxurious But Liveable Lounges

You want your living room to be a comforting and safe environment for the family. It is undoubtedly the place that you will all spend the most time in, when you’re not in bed sleeping. You should try and choose robust and child-friendly furniture so it can withstand daily wear and tear. The Himolla range of furniture would be the ideal range to spruce up your home. Opt for easy to clean materials with your sofas and choose washing machine friends cushion covers for when those mucky little hands find themselves in the wrong place!


Creative Kitchens

It’s easy to make a kitchen a no-go place for children. Let’s face it; it’s full of sharp knives, hot pots and breakable china. Ideally you don’t want to let your kids loose in the kitchen on a day to day basis, but there are tonnes of practical tips for your kitchen that might make it more baby-friendly. Why not set up the dining table in the corner with a set of crafty and arty things to do? It will keep the children occupied whilst you’re cooking dinner and it will also keep them safe and out of the way of the dangers.


Image By: Ela Haney

Baby-Friendly Bathrooms

Sometimes bath time can be the biggest chore of a parent’s life. Either your baby loves it or hates it. So how can you make bath time fun? You could invest in some bath crayons which are completely child-friendly and will wipe clean straight away. Allow your little one to create beautiful artwork on the inside of the bath tub, whilst they’re getting clean. You won’t be struggling to get them to take a bath for much longer!


Family Friendly Furnishings

Image by: George Becker


Glam and Glorious Gardens

Get your little one involved in the garden by planting your own flowers and seeds. They will learn to love looking after the flowerbeds instead of destroying them at any given opportunity. If they’re responsible for watering the plants and allowing the flowers to bloom you’ll have a beautiful looking garden and a cute little helper too. You could also consider buying a fun outdoor toy for them to play with. If you’re doing some more difficult gardening work it’s a great way to keep an eye on them and keep them occupied at the same time!


You can have everything when it comes to your home. It can be a safe and comfortable haven for your children and it can be a stylish and sophisticated place to entertain your family and friends. It will soon be easy to strike the perfect balance by taking these tips on board today!

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