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My Top 10 Family Travel Bucket List #TheUltimateBucketlist

Have you done your Family Travel Bucket List?

Isn’t it just the most amazing news that the world is opening back up and we can start exploring again. Oh how I have missed going on holiday.

Have you?

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It is always the highlight of my year to go on holiday and I vow this year will be no exception.

I want to take my kids away somewhere special and it has got me thinking about my ultimate family travel bucket list for my family. 

Would you like to take a look at my top 10?


Family Travel Bucket List


My Family Travel Bucket List

  1. New York City is my number one!  I want to take them to central park and up the empire state building and to the museum of modern art. I think it would be most magical at Christmas time
  2. Lapland – Again a Christmas destination and yes they are 14 and 17! but I think they would love it 
  3.  Amsterdam – they both hugely admire Anne Frank and love boats so we would be onto a winner her
  4. On safari – anywhere at all! We don’t go to zoos as a family so to see these animals would be a first and to see them in the wild would be amazing!
  5. To Tasmania – we have dear friends there and we have never been.
  6. To Sydney – to see my cousin and his family and explore all the gorgeous beaches and of course visit the Opera House.
  7. To Israel – I was on a kibbutz in Gal’ed when I was a 18 and I would love to take my kids to visit it and see what I saw about this historical and amazing land.
  8. Malaysia – my husband is fluent in Malay and has many friends there – we would also go to Borneo and see the orangutans! 
  9. Malawi – My son raised money for a classroom in a school thee and I would just love to take him to see it – how cool would that be.
  10. To Minnesota where I spent 5 summers working on a n American summer cam and where I have many many friends and where there are 10,000 lakes to play on. It would be amazing to go back and show them where I worked. 


My Top 10 Family Travel Bucket List


And what about you and yours? 

So that’s it..my family travel bucket list list! Each member of my family could write one quite different to mine I am sure. Maybe I should set them the challenge – see is we have any the same? I would absolutely love to hear what you would put on yours too.

Please do drop me a comment below and let me know I love to hear other peoples travel plans! 


Family Travel Bucket List


My Top 10 Family Travel Bucket List #TheUltimateBucketlist is a collaborative post.

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