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Fashion Coin: Cryptocurrency is coming to the beauty industry

There is no industry that blockchain technology is not disrupting right now. It’s completely changing the way we do things, and it’s also innovating in the beauty and fashion industry – from the way they commerce to how they develop systems for the industry.

In this article, we are going to review the Fashion Coin and how cryptocurrencies are coming to completely disrupt the fashion industry. Apart from educating you, it will make you aware of new low-cap, excellent investment opportunities, which may prove to be a better choice than opting to buy bitcoin.


Fashion Coin

What is Fashion Coin?

Simply put, it’s a coin that aims to become the New World coin. It states that it’s here to deliver a cryptocurrency that’s actually pegged to the real economy, and especially to Generation Z and millennials.

This statement may sound vague, but they’re aiming to move the fashion and beauty industry in terms of Fashion Coins. By using a P2P platform where you can buy all sorts of fashion and beauty items, one would get access to exclusive deals and unlimited commerce with multiple parties from every corner of the world.


Is Fashion Coin a good blockchain project?

Even though it’s still very new, it has some good inner value. Of course, they still need to be able to deliver what they promise, but what they plan sounds good, especially for a project with a low market cap and plenty of potential for growth.

In our opinion, it’s a project worth giving a shot. Their promises are big, but they are sound too and they have a roadmap in place. It’s still new, but if they can actually deploy their P2P platform along with the DAO Cypherbank, we can expect its value to appreciate in the coming years.


What’s the value of Fashion Coin for the beauty industry?

Now that you have a good background about this coin, let’s answer the most important question here: what’s its value for the beauty industry? Here what you should know:


  • They’re looking to disrupt the way people and businesses commerce in the beauty and fashion industry, by bringing them a real P2P platform that uses the Fashion Coin as their native currency, allowing them to buy and sell without restrictions
  • They will give space for new startups in the beauty and fashion industry to emerge, so they can operate within a fresh, prosperous, and friendly ecosystem that brings them all the tools they need to deploy and grow their projects
  • They are looking to change the way e-commerce takes place in this industry. By allowing commerce in a currency pegged to the real economy, we can expect it to process transactions fast and with minimal fluctuations. However, they need to be clear about this because crypto prices are volatile, so they need to state if they’re going to treat it like a stablecoin or not
  • They will give artists, entrepreneurs, and designers a space to grow – by allowing them to commerce P2P with parties from all around the world. E-commerce is good, but by changing the way we process payments, it will be even better.


Verdict: Should I invest in Fashion Coin?

Honestly, it’s a project with a sound promise but they still have to deliver what they promise. Their slogan of “proof of love” sounds pretty good, but they still have to deliver their biggest milestone: the DAO Cypherbank and the P2P platform. They are in the plans to deliver it, but we still have to see it.

Until then, it remains as another novel project. Sure, there’s a lot of potential for growth especially given that its market capitalization is still very low, but you should be careful about it. It’s a good idea to invest some money just in case it pumps, but don’t make it your main asset because there’s still a lot to see about it.


What should I do then?

You should only invest a small amount, a sum of money that you’re willing to lose. Since it’s such a new project, you should only use a small part of your portfolio. If it turns out to be good, then you will make a lot of money, but if not, then the loss will not hurt that much.


Bottom Line

Now that you know it all about the Fashion Coin, you can make the right financial decisions. It’s a new project disrupting a billionaire industry. Therefore, if they can deliver what they promise, there’s no doubt that its price will appreciate.

What do you think about the Fashion Coin? Let us know your views about it in the comments. And if you know about other projects that are trying to disrupt the beauty industry, make us aware of it so we can make an article about it!

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