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My favourite desert island discs

So, my favourite desert island discs ?

I am a long time fan of desert island discs and I long for Kirsty to invite me on (one day…. when I have written my clutch of bestsellers)

I begged Zena at Zena’s Suitcase to tag me in the desert island disc meme she blogged and yay! she did. So without further ado here are my 8 songs.

(By the way I am not even going to pretend to be cool.I know what i like and I’m an easy listening old fashioned type of girl.)


Here is the challenge …just pick 8 songs that make your heart sing.

I am going to start with the songs I remember from my childhood.

I have to start with the awesome Louis Armstrong. My dad was a happy man and he whistled a lot. God how I miss him. He loved Louis and I could hear him coming down the road whistling this lovely song. It always moves me. It is indeed a wonderful world.

Wonderful World- Louis Armstrong


My mum was a different generation to my dad and she was in love with Elvis. So much so we once made the trip to Graceland ..how amazing that was and she even requested Elvis played at her funeral. Oh mum I hope you meet him in heaven.  Mum liked the fast tracks but her absoluter favourite Elvis song is a gospel song about courage and faith. It’s a great song .

This Time Lord you Gave me a Mountain – Elvis Presley


My gorgeous grandad who I absolutely adored and spent a great deal of my childhood with used to sing the next song to me and even as a child it made me so happy. He really did love me and I always really knew that and theirs not really anything more precious than that is there.

The Alphabet Song – Doris Chang


I loved Whitney and I had my first proper ever kiss to this song with a lovely German boy called Oli. I still love the song as I think the words are just great you do indeed need to find the greatest love inside of you

The Greatest Love of All -Whitney Houston

Oh I loved Madonna.  Long coats, fingerless gloves big hair with lots of ribbons in and tons of black eyeliner she was my style muse in my early teens. I had many many a slow dance and snog to this song. Happy memories.

Madonna – Crazy for you

My first cd was and still is my favourite ever song ( maybe a close tie with Sunshine?) This song was played at the Irish club we used to go to ever Saturday for years. WE would come back form Uni and all meet up there again. It make think of friends and kisses of dancing and faith. I always dance to this song and yet if you sit and listen to the words it will probably make you cry too.

The Source feat. Candi Staton – You’ve got the Love

I have to include this next song I don’t want to share why …except that it fills my heart  with love

All I Want is You – U2

I have to include this last song too as it is a song that always make s me smile. When I depart this earth this is the song I want to play me out. I adore John Denver…a simple, kind, loving man who put his love of nature, family,  friends and home into all he sang. He was a gentle man, a cowboy, who sang from his heart. Just my kind of man.

Sunshine on my Shoulder – John Denver

Oh boo that’s my 8 I have so many more I want to include.  I am going to give myself a bonus entry(sorry Zena)

My first dance song ……

‘cos Jonny you really are  still the one.

You’re still the one — Shania Twain

Lovely. Ooh I have proper enjoyed myself.

I tag the following ladies to share their desert island discs with me…..

Being Mrs C

Love Chic Mum

Thinly Spread

Me and My Shadow

Frugal Family

Life at the Zoo


Hello it’s Gemma

I have chosen to tag 8 bloggers because I had to choose 8 songs!

I have tagged these ladies because they are ‘genuine and earthy’ and won’t just pick ‘cool’ songs! I think they will  be totally honest about the music they love (even if it is the Birdie Song or Mr.Blobby)

Anyone else who fancies joining in do consider yourself tagged.

Click here to see how my choices compare with some of the show’s most famous participants.




  1. March 24, 2014 / 9:50 pm

    Thanks so much for the tag Becky, I’ve finally got around to publishing my selection. I enjoyed reading about yours 🙂
    Ruth (geekmummy) recently posted…Desert Island DiscsMy Profile

  2. February 27, 2014 / 10:51 am

    Love this, many thanks for tagging me (really hope I get organised to blog it, but at the moment I’m not achieving much.

    Fantastic choices, including some songs I love. Candi Staton and wonderful world. Fab.
    thank you lovely Becky. X
    helloitsgemma recently posted…In praise of woolly tightsMy Profile

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