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Feeling at home with your energy bills

Our homes are our havens, and we want to live comfortably within its walls. On a practical level, we want to flick a switch without worry and turn on the heating when it is cold. On a human level, we want to play and settle to rest without worry. 

The increase in the utility bills has become a blocker to our sense of homeliness. We are concerned that we can’t afford to pay the bills, and worry has invaded our beautiful spaces. 

Let’s look at ways we can control our energy bills and keep the comfort we cherish so much to counter these concerns.


Feeling at home with your energy bills

Go smart and go efficient

Updating the technology in your home is one way to control the increases in your gas and electricity bills. Even though this update will require a significant investment, the long-term return will make it worth your while.

The first investment can be in new appliances with a higher efficiency certificate. The difference in cost to run a B grade appliance versus an A+++ is substantial. Your white goods in your kitchen, (i.e. dishwasher, clothes dryer, etc.) your vacuum cleaner and other appliances can all be updated to reduce your daily energy burden.

The second option is to invest in smart technology to manage the amount of power you use. For instance, a smart thermostat can help you set the temperature more accurately around your home. You can heat some rooms and not others, and you can also choose to heat rooms at different levels. Equally, a smart light can sense movement and come on in a room when needed, which will counter those times a room is left illuminated when the occupants have long since left. 


Turn the thermostat down a degree

Over a year, it is possible to save £80 for every degree you turn the dial down. The difference between 21 and 20 is limited in comfort and can offer significant savings. Controlling this temperature will be much easier with a smart thermostat. In bedrooms, it is unnecessary to have the same temperature as in living areas and again, you can prevent wasted energy pumping around your home. 


Change to LED bulbs

The investments in your home don’t have to cost the earth, as changing your light bulbs can make a difference. Traditional bulbs are cheap, but they last a third of the time of LED bulbs, so taking the longer view on value means the LED bulb is cheaper. 

Equally, it is worth adding the difference in cost of electricity to the equation. Each bulb can save approximately £10 over a year on your electricity bill. While this doesn’t seem a lot, you only have to count the number of bulbs in your home to understand the potential savings.


Train the family

Much of our energy-saving comes down to our behaviours. While we can invest in technologies such as smart sockets to help us, we need to be better at preserving resources. Making it important that the family switch the light off when they leave a room helps build good habits. Equally, encouraging everyone to switch off the screens on standby can make a significant difference to your bills.

There are items we leave plugged in and switch on that we assume are powered down. However, these phantom energy suckers could be costing you as much as 20% of your electricity bill. Your toaster, for instance, uses close to the same amount of energy sat idle as it does when toasting. Flicking the switch at the plug is one of the most energy-saving strategies you can use in your home.

Service your boiler

Energy saving is often about efficiency. As with your white goods and other appliances, your boiler comes with an energy rating. This rating is what the boiler achieves when it is in full working order and well-maintained. Each year, you should book an engineer to service your boiler and ensure all the filters are clear and the pipes intact. 

As well as preventing an inconvenient breakdown, a well-serviced boiler will make heating your home cheaper – and a warm home is a cosy home.

Maintaining our love affair with home

With rising costs, we can soon come to fear the bills that come through the door. This fear can detract from our love for our home. Here we offered just a few suggestions to help take control of the costs. You might also consider contacting your supplier to discuss a better payment plan or compare your deal online to see if you could be paying less on your bills. 


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