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Feeling Homesick? Check Out These 3 Tips

Whether you’ve recently left home for college or just relocated across the country for a new career opportunity with the help of Black Tie Moving, homesickness is a common side effect of leaving the familiarity of home. For many of us dealing with homesickness during travel or following a move away from our hometowns, it can be challenging to cope with such an emotional roller coaster. But don’t worry; we’ve got your back. Here are three easy tips to help you combat the nostalgia and turn homesick blues into good vibes!


Make a scrapbook of memories from your old home

Moving to a new home can be exciting, but feeling slightly sentimental about the old one is natural. One way to hold onto those memories is by creating a scrapbook of all the special moments you had there. Whether it’s photos of family gatherings, souvenirs from special trips, or even just ticket stubs from events you attended, each item can serve as a reminder of a time and place important to you. As you flip through your scrapbook pages, you’ll be transported back to those happy moments, allowing you to relive them and hold onto them forever. So if you’re feeling homesick for your old place, why not try putting together a scrapbook to help ease the transition?


Feeling Homesick?


Find ways to stay connected with friends and family back home

Being far from friends and family can be tough, but there are many ways to stay connected and maintain those relationships. Video calls, texting, and social media are all great tools to help you stay in touch. It’s important to try to reach out regularly and carve out time for those important people in your life. Don’t be afraid to share your experiences living away from home and make plans for future visits or virtual hangouts. By staying connected, you’ll be able to strengthen those bonds and feel more supported, no matter how far away you are.


Create a routine that helps you feel more settled in your new space

Moving into a new space can be exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. Everything is new and unfamiliar, which can lead to feeling unsettled. However, a routine can help bring comfort and structure to your daily life. Start by establishing a consistent sleep schedule and morning routine. Make it a point to brew yourself a cup of coffee or tea, and take a few moments to enjoy it before diving into the day. Set aside time for exercise or meditation, which can help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. Additionally, carve out time each day to explore your new surroundings. It can be as simple as walking around the neighborhood or trying out a new coffee shop!

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