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5 Best Festive Christmas crafts ideas for children

Today – Christmas crafts ideas for children


Christmas is a magical time for children and the more they can be involved in the festivities, the better their smiles and memories will be. There’s no real fun in dragging kids round the shops looking for gifts, which is why I shop at the gift site Star Walk Kids. However, we all know that it’s much more fun to get them involved in decorating the house, wrapping the gifts, and Christmas crafting. There is so much inspiration around for crafts for Christmas. You and the kids can have great fun and you’ll have some terrific additions for your family Christmas.


Christmas crafts ideas for children

Christmas baking with Kids

This is the most obvious Christmas craft to do with kids. All that mixing, and stirring, making everything colourful, AND having something delicious at the end of it is really worthwhile. And, imagine the delight if the kids can present a batch of homemade Christmas cookies to their grandparents or other special people in their life. A tree full of edible treats is also a delight. Look for kid-friendly recipes. A YouTube tutorial is easy to follow, or you can find some inspiration in these easy treats from BBC Good Food.


Festive Christmas crafts Ideas for children


Christmas Sweets

Like baking, much joy can be found in making sweet Christmas treats. Sweet making can be very complex so find the simple recipes where your kids can really get involved – save the alcoholic truffles for your own sweet making session. You can even find a pile of treats that require no baking but have terrific results. This selection has some terrific ideas for no-bake sweets and treats.


Fingerprint Christmas Tree Ornament – Air Drying Clay 

Take a look here for the most gorgeous tree ornament ideas


Handmade Christmas Cards that Kids Love!

Forget those mass-produced cards or those where you can personalise with photographs, names or messages that seem to have taken over conventional greetings cards. Nothing sends festive wishes like a handmade Christmas card. Handmade cards can be very simple or totally elaborate. The main consideration is the age of the children doing the crafting. Something too difficult is just going to be frustrating and end in tears. The handmade cards in this selection are suitable for younger and older kids.

Christmas crafts ideas for children

Paper Chains

The simplest of all Christmas crafts and one that kids have been doing since the tradition of decorating the home for the season began, is paper chains. All you need is strips of paper and some glue and you’re all set. Choose various colours if you want a multi-coloured chain or pick colours that fit in with your overall Christmas colour scheme. And, if you don’t want to cut up the paper yourself, craft and hobby stores sell ready cut strips. There’s even a way to make paper chains without the need for glue or tape.

If you like paper crafts these paper plate baubles are just stunning! 


Christmas Wreath

Christmas wreaths are a classic way to decorate your front door and they look good inside too. Wreaths are also a fabulous crafting project. You can go along the traditional route using items based on/in nature with things like a willow wreath ring, moss, holly, birds and berries (lots of these items can be found in florist’s shops) or you can go all modern and trendy and do completely your own thing. There are hundreds of DIY wreaths online.




General Crafts that children Enjoy

The above items focus on specific types of projects but when it comes to Christmas crafts for kids there are so, so many ideas. Get your inspiration from Google, YouTube, and Pinterest. You will find everything from wall decorations, hanging decorations, things to out on windows and window sills, tree decorations and everything in between. You can use anything from around the home or stock up on things from craft shops, craft fairs, and hobby shops, and of course, supplies can be found online.


I do hope you have enjoyed these Christmas crafts ideas for children – craft-loving kids may also like my family Christmas ideas and stunning Christmas decorations as well as my twig crafts and   egg box crafts

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