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Where to find a portrait photographer

Have you been wondering where to find a portrait photographer

I just love informal family photos and I spend hours taking photos of the kids giggling, playing sport, with my extended family, playing and just hanging out. I have photos of them at cubs and prom, tennis and birthday parties and these all bring me so much pleasure and I am sure they will treasure them in years to come.

Because I take all the photos though I am rarely in any and I think this is a real shame. When I look at what we have, the last great photos of me and the kids were taken by my brother in law when they were 8 and 5.




They are now 9 and 12!

I desperately need some good photos of me and the kids taking before they hit those teen years and may well start to refuse to co-operate.


Where to find a portrait photographer

So where do you go to find portrait photographers ?

Well have you heard of Bidvine?

Bidvine is all about ‘achieving your goals and getting things done.’ I need some of that ethos.

No more procrastinating.

Bidvine is a brilliant service that enables you to state what you are looking for  and then contact people in your local area to come to you with quotes. So, in my case, I would just state that I wanted a portrait photographer and say where I lived. That’s it really, just a few more details. No endless hours on the phone. Then within hours I could receive up to 5 messages of quotes and availability

How easy is that. Time to get some nice photos taken I think and avoid lots of hard work in the process!

I am going to try and find an interior decorator this way too.

‘Tis cool! Check out Bidvine it could save you SO much time.


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