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How to find the right hair salon for you

How to find the right hair salon for you and where to start ooking.

All of a sudden at the start of the summer my hairdressers closed. It’s local salon to me I have been going for years and I was really happy with it. I popped along to make an appointment and it was filled with builders who apparently were turning it into a cafe. Oh the shock! I’m all for a bit of tea and cake but I liked my hairdresser.



How to find the right hair salon for you

A few weeks later I got a text from my hairdresser saying they were now working at x sadly for me it’s a bit too far away. I needed to find somewhere new. I have lots of frizzy fine hair which I colour (oh the grey!)  and I really need a hairdresser to ‘understand’ my wayward hair. I am not a big fan of going to the hairdressers, sitting for 3 hours staring at myself in the mirror but needs must so I do have to be sure it’s the right place for me.

What do I want…

I like nice friendly welcoming hairdressers (stylish and snooty is not for me)

I like clear prices and no hard sell

I like to get a nice coffee and a lots of magazines!

I like to be able to park

I like a hairdresser who listens to what I want but that can make some creative suggestions too.


So how to go about finding a new hairdresser?

If I was looking for hairdressers in Manchester I would definitely use Rock Pamper Scissors. Rock Pamper Scissors is an online service that shows you lots of local salons and enables you to see what they do as well as book online. How convenient is this! It saves you hours ringing around to see what is on offer. As well as enabling you to search and explore hairdressers in Manchester you can also search for beauty salons. I love that you are shown prices and special offers at a glance too.

What a simple but fabulous idea.

This service already covers Leeds, Manchester and I cannot wait for it to come to Nottingham. For now I am going to have to rely on word of mouth and a bit of experimenting I think!

How do you find a new hairdresser?


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