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Finding Excitement In The Smallest Of Places



Finding Excitement In The Smallest Of Places  –  Tiny Homes

Britain has some of the smallest homes in Europe. However, what makes small spaces difficult to stand is not their size but the lack of creativity we, homeowners, put into them. Indeed, we are more and more falling victims of our inspirational aspirations. From home decor magazines to lifestyle influencers, too many homeowners struggle to create their own version of the interior styles they admire. There are, ultimately, not many British homes that could happily accommodate a large corner sofa and an XXL statement sculpture. Does that mean you can’t make your small home into a jewel of charm and elegance? No, it doesn’t. Every space can be enhanced and maximised as long as you know how to, starting with the small and unused places at home:


Your tiny garden can be green too

Terraced properties are a favourite for first-time homeowners, not for their size, but their price tag. Indeed, small homes are more affordable! And while you’re preparing your finances to climb onto the next step of the property ladder, you need to make do with the tiny space, and more importantly, the itsy bitsy teenie weenie garden. When the soil is too compact for your lawn to grow evenly, you might turn towards specialists and asks for New Lawn artificial grass samples to compare your options. Ultimately, artificial grass could be the solution to make your muddy, rocky garden inviting again. Alternatively, you can also use potted plants and even a mini greenhouse to inject some green to your outdoors.

I hate my tiny bathroom

Nobody likes a small bathroom where there’s not even space to fit a modern shower cubicle. But have you considered minimalist options that let you make the most of your shower in the smallest of spaces? Indeed, you could plan the install a wet room, which would not only replace the shower basin and cubicle, but also gives the illusion of a roomier bathroom. To add an extra dimension to the room, you can look for stylish and sturdy tiles. Small bathrooms can even go through most of the renovation work using only samples! Stay away from busy patterns and dark hues which will be overwhelming. Fresh and neutral designs work best, especially combined with a mirror for more depth.


How an unused space can become your home office

The awkward nook in the lounge. The low-ceiling space under the stairs. The empty closet that serves no purpose. Every home has an odd area that gets on your nerves. But with a little bit of creativity and some clever DIY, you can turn a tiny space into a cosy home office. Start with the basics; you need to isolate your home office form the rest of the room. You can mark your working spot with an accent wall, using paint or even wallpaper. A narrow table or a wall-mounted shelf makes the perfect desk, and all you need to add to your workstation is a chair. And tada, you’ve got yourself a stylish and unique home office that doesn’t take over the room!

Excitement In The Smallest Of Places


Small spaces are only as awkward as you want to make them. It’s time to put your thinking cap on and to turn the tiny spots in your home into an inviting and purposeful area. You really can find Excitement In The Smallest Of Places

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