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Finding the perfect bath for ultimate relaxation

A quality bath should make you feel as if your problems and worries are drifting away, leaving you to bask in the warmth and indulgence of your very own private paradise.

But before you can dip a single toe into that sea of opulence, you’ll need to find the perfect bath to provide you with this comfort. Here’s how you can find the ultimate combination of rest, relaxation, and exclusivity from the comfort of your own bathroom.


perfect bath for ultimate relaxation


The type of material the bath is made from

For baths that maintain heat flawlessly, have the capacity to let you lay back in pure bliss, and last for a long time, stone resin baths are ideal. The look and feel of the stone resin option provide you with a timeless style that’s as luxurious as it is comfortable.

For the kind of material that works well in any bathroom setting, a marble bath exudes class and elegance with the added benefits of durability and comfort. Marble has adaptability with all designs, either as part of a chic bathroom or elevating the look of a less glamorous bathroom.

Cast iron baths walk a stylish line between the glamour and glitz of decades past with the elegance of modern craftsmanship. The deeper interiors of a cast iron bath retain heat well and inspire the kind of long, deep soaks in the tub that are impossible to resist.


The shape of the bath itself

You shouldn’t ever feel the need to sacrifice comfort and luxury for the sake of style. And if you are, then it may be time to re-evaluate where you’re choosing to purchase your bathroom decor. Why? Because quality craftsmanship can and should be comfortable as well as chic.

If you prefer the sharper edges of an industrial-type bath, it should still be just as comfortable as its more curved counterparts. However, for unmatched relaxation and tranquillity with style, look into the rounder baths with those curves and contours mentioned above.


perfect bath for ultimate relaxation

The colour of the bath

Neutral and understated colours help to create the setting for relaxation and ultimate opulence in any bathroom. For modern baths with an air of class, a strong polished white or contemporary black are the perfect colours to draw the eye and exemplify the style of the room without overwhelming you.

And when it comes to creating that continuous aura of serenity and upscale luxury, it’s essential that you set the tone with some calming and simple colours, even in the case of marble baths.


The surroundings of the bath

Style and leisure require room to breathe. And while a few well-placed vanity units and basins are an essential part of a good bathroom, a great deal of care should be taken to allow some space between those essential designs.

What’s most important of all is that you’ve created the ideal space for you to indulge in some alone time. Allowing the bath to be its own focal point helps you to associate it with relaxation and separate it from the stresses of modern life, allowing the tranquillity of the room to speak for itself and take you with it as it does.


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