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Finishing touches to make your wedding special

Finishing touches to make your wedding special – lets take a look at what they are

Planning a wedding can be incredibly stressful. You have so much to think about and so much to plan and you may find that those little finishing touches fall by the wayside because you have been so focussed on the dress, the table settings and the food. Here is some help to inspire and maybe remind you of all the ways you can make your wedding more personal and fun (without spending a fortune).


Finishing touches to make your wedding special


You may not have considered wedding fireworks, but a wedding is a perfect occasion to break out a beautiful display for your guests. These are a perfect element to include, no matter what the time of year and are great for getting you and your guests outside to gather around and watch the display. Or alternatively, have the fireworks go off during your first dance to make your day truly memorable for everyone involved.


Finishing touches to make your wedding special

Wishing Tree

A unique and beautiful idea is to erect a Wishing Tree where your guests can send you heartfelt messages and wishes for your future. You can pick a tree that is already on the grounds or hire one specifically for the occasion, place it in a decorated pot and cover it in ribbons – typically red ribbons are used but you can use whatever colour matches your theme. Your guests will then be able to write their messages on tags and attach them to the branches. It is simple and yet utterly beautiful, and also gives you a heart-warming keepsake to look back on together for years to come.


You have likely put a professional photographer at the top of your wedding to-do list and no doubt all your guests will be snapping photos on their phones throughout the day, but what about a photo booth? If you have ever been to an event or a bar where they have a photo booth then you know how popular they are. People love the fun and creativity that a photo booth allows as well as the fact that they get to take the physical photos home with them the same day. Include some props and signs and you can guarantee that the photo booth will be in good use all night (especially once the drinks have started flowing)


Finishing touches to make your wedding special


Interactive Favours

More traditional wedding favours often get left behind at the table or forgotten with all the excitement of the day, so why not make them a little more interactive and exciting so that your guests can appreciate them there and then. You can get everyone a tiny, personalised bottle of your favourite tipple, a cute wedding bingo card to fill out, a puzzle or game to get people talking, disposable cameras or bubbles and silly string to name a few. Consider things that will bring an element of fun to the table and perhaps a tool to break the ice among guests who may not be very familiar with each other. You should also consider things like this to keep children at your wedding occupied.


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