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First Home Money Saving Ideas

First Home Money Saving Ideas that will be a huge benefit to you. 


First Home Money Saving Ideas


First Home Money Saving Ideas

I have some fabulous First Home Money Saving Ideas for you today.

I know it can be tricky to know where to start but start you must and don’t worry I am here to guide you


Buying your home

Buying your first home is an exciting time and certainly, a milestone to be proud of. But as the costs pile up, this life-changing experience could become a frighteningly expensive venture.

For first time buyers who are shopping on a shoestring, there are many ways you can decorate your home without breaking the bank. Here are some frugal decorating tips which will make your budget stretch in your new home.

You are absolutely going  to need some first home money saving ideas in place otherwise this is going to be a tricky and rather expensive time


First Home Money Saving Ideas


Fresh Paint for your first home money saving ideas

A fresh lick of paint can work wonders for tired décor. Over time, paint colours fade or they harbour smells and stains. So a fresh layer of carefully chosen wall paint can transform a jaded home. Choose a neutral colour scheme that can be used throughout the property, and you could save money on buying different paints for each room. Use this handy tool on the BBC Homes website to calculate average paint costs for your house.


First Home Money Saving Ideas? Second Hand Furniture for your first home

It’s something that many people don’t think of doing. But preloved furniture is one of the biggest savings you could make when decorating your house. These days, there are so many ways of obtaining unwanted furniture, most of which is in near-new condition. It would be crazy to miss out on such a money saving opportunity. Look in charity shops or browse exchange website such as Exchange & Mart to find second furniture. And when it’s time to upgrade, you can easily sell your unwanted furniture to someone else using the same method.


Upcycle Old Items  – First Home Money Saving Ideas

Upcycling is one of the biggest interior design crazes at the moment and one of my favourite first home money saving ideas. So, not only will you make a huge saving, but you’ll get top marks for trend and style. Unwanted furniture can be upcycled for a different purpose.

For example, unused wooden crates can be hammered together to create a bookshelf or used beer bottles can be cut down to create funky tumblers. Unused apothecary jars can be used to create a designer light fitting or old curtain fabrics can be used to design new cushion covers. The ideas are endless.

I have recently spent time upcycling a wicker stool


First Home Money Saving Ideas


Tackle One Room at a Time  – First Home Money Saving Ideas

It’s easier said than done I know – you probably want to blitz the whole place and make it look absolutely amazing as quickly as you possibly can but if you want to stick to your decorating budget, you need to be patient. If you set yourself a target so that you can decorate one room at a time, you won’t be disappointed with unrealistic expectations.

Treat each room as a project and allocated a percentage of your budget to each space. You will be done within the year and then? you will probably want to start all over agin.

A home is never finished really – it is always a work in progress so be sure to enjoy it as you go along rather than waiting until it is complete. First Home Money Saving Ideas mean you take it step by step  to complete your home rather than splash all your cash at once and get yourself into debt


First Home Money Saving Ideas


First Home Money Saving Ideas – Mindset matters

I do hope these money saving ideas help you when it comes to making that first big purchase. It is so important to get your mindset right when it comes to your first home.

Of course, you want it to be absolutely incredible, look stylish, be comfortable and be a place to absolutely show off to your family and friends. But homes take time to build. and they grow over time and get better ( just like people) so take the long view when it comes to your home. Don’t feel you have to borrow lots of money or stretch yourself to the max, try and relax and take it easy and build your home like the house was built brick by brick and with patience, care and TLC

Please do share your ideas on this topic with me in the comments below – you know how I love to hear form you especially with your home and money saving hacks!


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