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Five Inspiring Open-Plan Kitchens to Consider for Your Home

Today-Five Inspiring Open-Plan Kitchens to Consider for Your Home

The complexities of contemporary lifestyles and the desire for multiple creature comforts in a simplified environment of casual elegance result in the growing popularity of open plan kitchen designs. In busy homes today, the kitchen is the natural heart and pulse of home-life. Yet you and your household most likely want your kitchen to integrate seamlessly with your other living spaces.


By combining savvy spatial zoning, noise control and an all-inclusive style of decor, you and your home renovating team or interior designer can create a unique open concept and reality in your new open planned kitchen. You can enjoy the advantages of ultimate fashion and functionality throughout a cohesive mix of various living zones within one unlimited space.


Five innovative and inspiring open-plan kitchens to consider for your home’s interior include the following designs:


1. Friendly Family Kitchen, Dining and Gathering Space with Garden Views

Inspiring Open-Plan Kitchens


This fresh white open-plan, family-style kitchen design offers a clean-lined, large contemporary living area. At one glance, you can view the spacious kitchen with a pristine central island and a built-in range and stove-top. The simplistic matching cabinetry is accented by handsome stainless steel appliances and overhead bud-shaped pendant lights as open kitchen decoration.


To the far right side of this expansive interior is an inviting den with a soft cushioned couch and chairs and a high casual-chic arched fireplace façade in silver-grey. The earth tones of the furniture complement the spring-green foliage in the outdoor garden beyond floor-to-ceiling cavity sliding glass doors at the room’s far end. Just inside these sparkling doors is the delightful kitchen living dining area with its bright white table and chairs for open kitchen dining in this uniquely structured kitchen open space.


These stylish doors plus the long rectangular windows over the kitchen sink merge natural light with the glowing pendant lamplight beams from above as open kitchen decoration. Lustrous hardwood flooring warms and reflects this uplifting modern open-concept interior. This relaxing, appealing open-kitchen layout flows smoothly from one area to the next for a seamless, relaxing family lifestyle that includes open kitchen dining furniture for which can be easily purchased at Murdoch Troon handmade kitchen store.


2. Open Space Kitchen for Families with Fashion and Functionality



This warm, cheerful open space kitchen has a vitalizing natural ambiance. With a unique combination of French-country and farmhouse style, the rich grains and hues of the red oak standing cupboard and matching cabinetry reflect pure, natural beauty and allure. The wall-mounted cabinets with clear glass doors display colorful ceramic pitchers and shining glassware. 


The honey and sand-coloured natural stone tiling of the splashback and floor align with the attractive marble benchtop hues of sand, mocha and golden-beige. Across the room is a matching marble slab counter-top surrounding the modern oval-shaped farmhouse double sink. This kitchen living dining design offers plenty of food prepping, cooking and storage space in a long, rectangular interior. 


Beyond this abundance of kitchen open space is a fabulous open-air deck as a fine example of kitchen lounge designs, dining and entertainment areas. Surrounded by tall trees, verdant foliage and flowers, this scenic retreat is the ideal spot for partying, dining or enjoying quiet relaxation with family, friends and neighbors in this charming open kitchen dining layout. Every member of your household will spend countless leisurely hours in this open-concept kitchen haven as a dining kitchen with its open plan kitchen lounge dining. It exhibits the perfect mix of casual fashion and ultimate functionality in this fine example of open plan kitchens designs. This is an ideal living room with kitchen layout.   


3. Cool Sophistication in a Sleek, Ultra-Modern Kitchen


Inspiring Open-Plan Kitchens


The cool, smooth surfaces of this ultra-modern open-kitchen interior are slightly offset by the handcrafted wooden stool seats near the squared black marble-topped kitchen island. Crafted pottery and accessories in the wall niches above the sink, smooth white cabinets and neutral stone splashback tiling add elements of seaside cottage style. 


This all-inclusive, single-room design and kitchen living area decor include a built-in large double-door fridge-freezer in stalwart stainless steel. Across the room, molded vinyl seats line a simple minimalist table design, offering a simple kitchen diner decor and an example of small kitchen lounge designs. The bright beams from suspended clear glass pendant lamps and recessed ceiling spotlights are reflected by the stainless steel fridge and the sleek black marble of the island counter-top. 


The smooth, cool lightness of the floor tiling in neutral shades and the dark, shimmering surface of the large, square island top seem to open and expand this room interior. While defining the space around it, this weighty, impressive island in its basic white room setting gives volume and presence to the overall simplistic design and decor. Even a compact room interior can exhibit a modern open plan kitchen design. 


4. Practical and Playful Broken-Plan Kitchen Layout



One of the popular forms of open-plan living today is “broken-plan” living. This design mode designates definite zones within an open-plan interior for a beautiful open plan kitchens layout. These zones often display different flooring finishes, half-walls and screens or sliding doors. Some home dwellers prefer the general freedom of an open-room design while incorporating some hints of separation between the various zones as open plan kitchen extensions.


This impression of separate spatial zones creates a relaxing, sociable atmosphere for an organized home lifestyle in a modern open plan kitchen. The charming open-room design offers the cool, casual elegance of black kitchen appliances and fixtures. Polished natural timbre cabinetry, benchtop and accessories brighten and highlight the food preparation and cooking areas.


The comfortable round café table and chairs in the center of the room announce a leisurely kitchen diner decor and area for relaxing in simple, easy-going fashion. Just beyond is the attractive and inviting den area with cozy couch seating and a fireplace topped by a towering copper-hued vent that brightens the entire space with glowing warmth and vitality. In clear sight through a wide open doorway nearby is a spacious kitchen dining layout with wall-length glass door-windows admitting plentiful natural light.   


5. Slick, Clever Open Designs for a Small Home Kitchen


Inspiring Open-Plan Kitchens


A well-coordinated colour scheme is essential to expand the visual space appeal of a small home kitchen. Even the tiniest of kitchens can have a beautiful open plan kitchens design. By installing matching cabinetry, cupboards and dining nook furnishings, you can achieve a pleasing, uncluttered look. If you select beautifully grained, handcrafted maple wood cabinets and furniture, you can enhance them with sand, beige, cocoa and other earth tones for splashback, floor and wall tiles. 


This room is enlivened and enlarged by its stylish, unique butcher’s block-topped mobile kitchen island with its walnut under-structure and shelf space. This freestanding unit is the ideal combination of compelling fashion and essential practicality for an open-kitchen design in a limited space. 


While the shiny stainless steel appliances lend a sense of modern convenience, the overall decor has a definite influence of charming shabby chic with its wall-mounted open shelves displaying china, vintage pottery, spice jars and other curious items. The intriguing rounded corner design with deeply inset open cubbies adds to the shabby chic touches of charm. 


Inspiring Open-plan kitchens designs are fascinating and varied, providing the ideal fashionable kitchen styles for every home’s kitchen living area. You can choose a definite mode of style or mix and match designs, materials and colour schemes to satisfy your specific preferences and needs. With some savvy spatial planning and creative fashion, you can design a unique open-kitchen to provide your household with the ultimate stylish and comfortable home lifestyle that you envision and desire.


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