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5 Tips to Make Your Home Cozier This Winter

5 Tips to Make Your Home Cozier This Winter – let’s explore!

Five Tips to Make Your Home Cozier This Winter

Five Tips to Make Your Home Cozier This Winter


As the nights grow darker and colder during wintertime, make sure that you are properly prepared for hibernating evenings at home this snowy season.


Five Tips to Make Your Home Cozier This Winter

Here are our top five tips to make your home cosier this winter, without having to make too many drastic changes or renovations.


1. Light it up

Lighting can play a huge part in the aesthetics and ambience of a room as well as with our mood.

Opt for softer and warmer lights — and avoid harsh, cold lights — to ensure a cosier feel to your rooms.

Filament bulbs, for example, are a great option to install in your overhead light fittings, or you could invest in a handful of small lamps to place around your living room. This will create a snug ambience and the perfect environment for those nights you just want to settle in with a book and steaming cup of something hot.


2. Decorate with cosy rugs

Add warmth underfoot by placing rugs throughout your home — the thicker and shaggier the better!

If you have wooden or tiled floors in your house, then it can feel particularly cold during the winter months, so either invest in a couple of large area rugs or to keep it quaint layer smaller rugs throughout the house.

Not only does this keep your feet snug and toasty, it will also transform the look of your rooms and give them a revamp for the winter.


3. Upgrade your heating system

When did you last check your radiators for cold spots? If you’re finding one room in particular just cannot seem to contain heat and warmth, then it may be time to balance your radiator. Unbalanced radiators are a common problem during the winter and will contribute to your house feeling colder than desirable.

If you do have the budget to make some changes to your heating system, then consider insulating your loft, which can save a fortune in annual energy bills, or investing in floor, wall or roof insulation.


4. Channel your inner baker – Tips to Make Your Home Cozier This Winter

 Whether it’s bread, cookies, or some deliciously wintery gingerbread, there’s nothing quite like the smell of baking wafting through the house to make you feel truly at home.

Get busy in the kitchen and channel your inner baker for an instant cosy feel at home. Other great benefits are that the whole family can get involved — and you get some delicious treats to snack on!


Five Tips to Make Your Home Cozier This Winter


5. Throw in some cushions

Our fifth and final tip to make your home extra cosy this winter is simply to add some cushions and throws to your rooms.

This is a sure-fire way to add some warmth, especially if you opt for more neutral and seasonal colour schemes, such as muted browns, creams and beiges. Another great tip is to buy a few throws and blankets to drape over your sofas, beds and chairs.

Not only will they add softer touches to your rooms, but you can also snuggle up under one to feel extra toasty!


A few small changes and additions can make a huge difference and transform your home into hibernation-heaven during these cold, wintery months.



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