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Floristry Courses – for a Career as a Florist

I have been looking at floristry courses again.

floristry courses


I love being a writer don’t get me wrong and I get immense pleasure from writing my blogs and my books on happiness and wellbeing. And yet I have this love affair with flowers that just never goes away.


hanging basket red and blue


A history of floristry

Do I have a background in floristry – well, no. But I have a steeped history in flowers.

My daddy sold flowers on a market stall and he bought mum fresh flowers home every single week. We were not a wealthy family but our house was always filled with fresh flowers and these always made my mum so very happy. I associate flowers with home, love and joy. To this day they make my heart sing too.

I use to love to sit and watch my mum arrange her flowers, she had so much practice she was pretty expert at it. I longed to be so good.


cake flowers


I’ve never yet quite got the knack.

Every day before and after school I would pop to my grandad’s house. Now thee was a man that loved flowers, big fat scented roses, iris, lily of the valley, freesia and hydrangea, his garden heavens with scent and colour. he was forever picking his flowers and arranging them beautifully to present to my granny or my mum. What an act of love.

I was surrounded by amateur but keen florists and that is what I have become I suppose, enthusiastic but untrained. Sometimes though I do think about taking it to another level and getting some formal training.


Floristry Courses

Certificate iii floristry is exactly the sort of floristry courses I am after. Here’s what the course offers:

  • Learn designs that are both contemporary and classical
  • Build your intuitive knowledge of flowers and design
  • Be ready to work in the florist industry
  • Become a qualified florist

I would absolutely love to create someone’s vision in flowers and bring them that joy. It would be such a lovely expressive and artistic way to work I think. And oh to be surrounded by the heavenly aroma and vivid colours of fresh flowers each day would be blissful.

I think working as a florist part-time and writing part-time would give me a life full of creativity and balance. Writing is sedentary and rather isolating sometimes and working as a florist would open up a more social, physical world for me and immerse me in the natural world which I adore.

Perhaps one day…

floristry courses

Over to you for your thoughts on floristry courses

Are there any carers you have considered but haven’t yet trained for? Are they ones that sing to your heart like flowers call to mine. Do drop me a comment below and let me know. Are floristry courses for you or does something quite different quietly but continually tempt you?


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