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Four brands that you simply cannot miss in 2018

Four brands that you simply cannot miss in 2018

Due to the climate of the industry in the last few years, there is no doubt that fashion finds itself immersed in an unprecedented growth process. This has not only led to the emergence of new trends, but also a wave of new brands that are dominating the industry in a way that has never been seen before.

If we delve a little deeper into the world of streetwear, we can note how some major brands of the sector have kept up their momentum, winning new fans season after season, and with a trajectory that seems to have no limits.


Four brands that you simply cannot miss in 2018

Below we present four of our favorite brands, tell us what you think.



brands that you simply cannot miss in 2018

It was the end of the 80s when some of the world’s most important sports terrains were converging in the US. Skateboarding and surfing were stronger than ever and a whole generation was asking for a clothing line with which they could identify. Something that, up until then, they could not find within US borders.

Streetwear, at that time, was little more than an illusion. However, Shawn Stüssy, one of the style’s founders, made sure that little by little it would become a reality. Although in its early days the company was dedicated to manufacturing surfboards, they gradually came to focus their attention on finally giving an entire generation the type of clothes they demanded.

Now, after several decades have passed since its foundation, the American brand is completely positioned as one of the temples of streetwear. From surfers to skaters and hip-hop icons to figures of culture, Stüssy continues to dominate urban culture like no other brand before it, and in 2018 it is presenting one of its largest collections ever.



German Nieves, the founder of the brand, decided to abandon a career in the skate and fashion industries, one of endless office hours, and undertake what was always his dream – a business of his own that paid tribute to his hometown, Paterson.

The rest is history. Paterson is one of the newest brands on the block that has best positioned itself in streetwear. The brand, founded in 2015, grew with the idea that inspiration was drawn from the spheres of skateboarding and tennis.Its founder has achieved a clean cohesion between both sports to the point that his creative vision of the world and sportswear has managed to redefine the trends of the sector. With a classic style and sporty look, Paterson is one of the brands that has burst onto the scene with the most force.



Yohji Yamamoto was studying law when he became captivated by the work put in by the seamstresses in his mother’s workshop. It was then he made the decision which would completely change his life. This helped him to embark on a path that would see him reap success.

His line of clothing is easy to identify – black hues that highlight careful preparation and clothing lines that provide functionality to each garment. These are the true hallmarks of the brand. However, more than anything Yohji Yamamoto has the power to transmit via his clothes what he intends to project. An eclectic line, full of impossible cuts, that give Yamamoto’s clothing a personality of their own.

Avant-garde, breakthrough, and non-conformist, Yamamoto has earned a place in the industry based on breaking established limits and fabricating an identity of his own. Currently, the designer is one of the most well-respected in the entire industry.




Hender Scheme is much more than a fashion brand. It is one of the brands that has best taken care of its production line. The present of Hender Scheme and the values it transmits can be understood if we look to the origins of the company. Kashiwazaki, its founder, began his professional career as a shoemaker. This allowed him to gather the knowledge needed when it comes to repairing footwear.

Basing its strategy on the use of leather to provide its products with the best possible quality, the brand has become famous for the aesthetics that its products distill. Especially in anything related to footwear.

The Japanese brand has spent years in charge of redesigning some of the most legendary shoe models in history. Thus, we can find in their silhouettes a resemblance to classic models by Nike, Vans, and Converse, among others. However, they do not focus their production on just shoes. You can find items from handbags to backpacks, as well as even mouse pads. This brand is certainly one to watch for the remainder of 2018 and beyond.


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