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Today – Freddy official online shop for UK

 Buying clothes online for this season tends to be a bit complicated. These months are not very cold or hot, as the temperature varies depending on the time of day. So, you must make the right choice of outfits to not lose it.

Learning to dress in this season also means knowing what to buy. Therefore, we’ll teach you how to buy clothes for the fall, as well as how to combine them. Pay attention and get dressed with us!


Freddy official online shop for UK, gold jeans


A classy and stylish blazer has many advantages in your wardrobe. Beginning with the fact that it is a timeless piece of (he)art that you can always wear. Especially in autumn, when you need to cover yourself from the cold only during certain hours of the day.

This piece will make you look awesome, comfortable and you can switch from casual to formal just by changing accessories and the shirt.

Tip: choose neutral colours that you can combine or sober and geometric prints like Scottish squares or hound’s-tooth (that is our favourite!).



It’s a piece to wear over your clothes. It can be a complement that ruins your outfit or leads to success, so you must choose it very well.

The advantage of the autumn overcoat is that, depending on the weather, you can wear it or take it off without any problem.

You can have one in a shade that goes with all your clothes: black, burgundy or beige.  Choose a trench to be classy without any effort. You can’t go wrong with it.

Tip: Search on vintage online shops and you could find great surprises!


Scarfs and Pashminas

The simplest parts can be highlighted with these accessories. There are thousands of ways to use them and they look different. It will make you shine at all times.

Let’s not forget also its primary use:  protect you from the bitter cold. You can change its shape to bring freshness to the outfit in hot hours.

Tip: Watch some tutorials on YouTube on how change the shape of your scarf or Pashmina!

Buy them thinking about what you have in your wardrobe. Stamped, one colour, shiny or neutral. The good thing is that it is an inexpensive accessory, so you can buy many and spend less than with other parts.



One thing that cannot be missing in every woman’s wardrobe are women’s t-shirts. In autumn it complements almost all outfits. They are cool, comfortable and allow you to wear other pieces on top or underneath.

The ideal thing is to buy them in one colour, so you can add necklaces or accessories and create combinations to always look like you’re using something different.



In short, the piece that no one can miss no matter the season or the weather. This textile marvel combines with everything and you can use it in an infinite number of moments.

Tip: if you don’t feel them as comfortable as much as you love them, we have the right solutions for you: Freddy push up jeans, are the revolution. These pair of pants, thanks to their quality, feel like a second skin on you. In addition to this, this pants have the WR.UP technology, which is a combination of quality, sewing and material, that will not only feel but also make you look fabulous! These will make your b-side the protagonist! Check on Freddy official online shop for UK and choose yours.

The denim as a complement

Denim doesn’t go out of style as we just saw. But the way it is used, thankfully, is changed. Total denim looks are no longer the favourites, rather the combination of these now be used as a complement.

Play with the textures of their fabrics and prints. The important thing is to be able to make this piece the main element of your outfit or the perfect complement of something more striking.


How to combine your wardrobe to dress in autumn? Layer Dress Up

Taking into account the fact that this season the weather is changing, layering is an ideal option that allows you to cover yourself from the cold and rain. But also cool down a little when it’s hot.





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