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7 Free Betting Tips

 I feel pretty well qualified to give free betting tips. 

My daddy was racecourse bookmaker and on the days he didn’t actually go the races he was always having a bet.

My daddy wasn’t a rich man but every so often he would have a big win and life for a while would be full of treats and oh it was exciting. My mum kept a tight rein on this though so there were never big losses and he never gambled more than he could have afforded to lose.

That my friends is the BEST and most important of the free betting tips I am going to share with you today.

The racing community is a tight one and I grew up in a warm and friendly world where free betting tips were shared about regularly.

Let me tell you my favourite free betting tips that everyone can benefit from.


Free Betting Tips


Free Betting Tips

1.  If it gets stressful or worrying STOP 

2. Follow your hunches but don’t be daft 

3. Do your research too – it never hurts to read up on form or what the pundits think

4. Pick your moment – look for the best odds or for the bet that really appeals to you

5. Enjoy your betting – take your time with it

6. Only bet for fun not money

7. Definitely bet on sports you really enjoy watching it brings double the fun


I hope my tips help you with your betting, they are a bit of a mantra for me.


Free Betting Tips


What I like to bet on

I like to bet on a number of things.

A day at the races is just a delight for me, it reminds me of my dad and I love to watch the beautiful horses parade in the paddocks then race flat out. So much fun.

I have a big interest in politics too and enjoy guessing who I think will win – this politics betting page has a ton of different possibilities. One of my favorite things to ever have a flutter on is the Christmas number one song. I rarely get it right but it is a lot of fun to watch and see what lands that top spot.

I also like to head to the casino from time to time on date night with my OH and have a flutter. We take just £30 each and when it is one it’s gone. We play roulette and have just as much fun watching people as we do playing, it is fascinating to see the different types of players and oh it is very glamorous too.

I’d love to go to Las Vegas watch the shows one day, see the lights and play the one arm bandits! I think that would be such a laugh.

Tennis is something I like a flutter on too.I love watching tennis, most especially Wimbledon, and having a bet keeps me even more engaged with the championships.


free betting tips


What about you do you enjoy having a flutter. Are there guidelines you follow? Do you have any free betting tips to share?


A flutter can be fun but if it ever stops being fun do head on over to gamble aware


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