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French Provincial Furniture

I love French Provincial Furniture do you ?

I do absolutely love quality furniture and my home is crying out for a few key pieces.

Cheap flatpacks that just fall apart are as bad as beans that arent’t Heinz. They may be cheap and cheerful and doing a passing job but they just are not the real thing.

I bought a chest of drawers for my son a couple of years ago now . I have currently got the drawers (which keep sliding out) held in by wedging a sock in the sides. This is neither convenient or attractive as it dangles out the side and has to be re-wedged every time.  I have vowed next time I buy him a chest of drawers we are going for quality.


French Provincial Furniture

French provincial furniture is inspired by the styles popular in the French provinces in the 17th and 18th century. It is all about natural materials with ornate decorative finishes. The kind of quality furniture that not only looks beautiful but is absolutely built to last.

Look at this stunning wardrobe.

French Provincial Furniture

This wouldn’t let me down would it/

This furniture is created by …..

time honoured joinery methods mortice & tenon and dovetail joints combined with kiln dried plantation grown timbers

Sounds so much better than ‘made of MDF and put together by me!’

And what about this tall boy?

tall boy

I think it is just perfect for our home; elegant, simple and really well made from solid mahogany. Now this would withstand daily life and do it with style!

Yes the more mature I get, the more grown up I want my furniture to be!



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