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Bold Bedroom Decor to Stop Your Bedroom Being Boring

Bold bedroom decor

If your bedroom is looking a little boring and you want to spice it up so it makes much more of an impact, you don’t necessarily have to renovate the room in its entirety. There are plenty of bold ideas that only require you to change one thing to make your bedroom look more beautiful than ever before.

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Bold Bedroom Decor

Bold Bedroom Decor

Bold Bedroom Decor

Check out these ideas for bold bedroom decor right now:


Mix Your Florals for bold bedroom decor

A really easy way to make your bedroom standout and make a bold statement is to mix up lots of bright floral patterns. Floral patterns are a classic bedroom staple because they are fresh, pretty and comfortable, but they can be pretty boring. By choosing clashing colours and many different patterns, you can shake things up and ensure that your florals aren’t your mother’s florals. Using different cushions and pillows is an easy way to achieve this look, but if you want to be really bold, clashing floral wallpapers, curtains, rugs, and bedding will all add to the look too.


Paint it Black for bold bedroom decor

Feature walls are a simple way of adding interest to the bedroom without having to do too much work because, of course, you only have to redecorate the one wall, but almost everyone has a feature wall nowadays, right? That’s okay because you can make your bedroom’s feature wall way more dramatic than everyone else’s by painting it black. It’s a bold colour choice for any room in the home, but one that can really work providing you go for a rich matte black and keep everything else in the room light. As well as being very dramatic, it adds a touch of understated glamour to the room too.


Create a Canopy

Looking for a good way to improve those comfortable divan bed sets that you have in your bedroom, but which don’t stand out much from the crowd? Simple, create a canopy. Invest in some bold patterned fabric or one or two of those wonderfully intricate Indian boho wall hangings and suspend it over the bed from the ceiling using staples or hooks depending on the effect you’re after. It’ll make your bed seem more luxurious and more like a classic four-poster than the average bed, which is never a bad thing in my book.


Paint Art on the Wall for bold bedroom decor

If you’re willing to do something a little more out there and you aren’t afraid to veer into the realms of quirky in the bedroom, then painting a unique artwork directly onto your wall is a great way of adding some colour and making as bold a statement as you possibly can. If you aren’t exactly an artist, using a projector to project an interesting image onto the wall and than painting over that in the same way that you’d using tracing paper will ensure that you come up with something special, or you could just paint an interesting slogan on there instead.

bold bedroom decor

Bold Bedroom Decor


Colour the Ceiling for bold bedroom decor

Why is it that most of us have white ceilings in every room? There’s nothing wrong with white, but it is a bit bland, and in the bedroom, especially, where you are likely to spend a fair amount of time looking up at the ceiling, you could surely do better.

So, give it a new lick of paint, grey, black, lavender – whatever colour you love and feel would match the rest of your room – go for it and be the person who does something unexpected. To ensure that it really works, add a few accent cushions, pieces of furniture or knick-knacks in the same colour, scattered around the room and you’ll be surprised at how well it really works.


Bold bedroom decor?  Go Big with Your Headboard

A very easy way to be bold in the bedroom without having to do any decorating at all is to add an oversize headboard behind the bed. If it is also brightly coloured or boldly patterned, then so much the better.

If the rest of your bedroom is pretty neutral, then you can afford to go really crazy with the headboard, making it the main focal point that draws the eye in any way that you can think of.


Bold Bedroom Decor


Go Wild with Wallpaper

Of course, when it comes to making a bold statement in any room, wallpaper is likely to be your first thought. These days you can get wallpaper that’s zebra striped, covered in colourful rainforest scenes, which features bold geometric patterns and so much more besides,

Cover every wall with one such wallpaper – if you’re really brave using a different design on every wall – and no one could ever accuse you of having a boring bedroom again.


Bold Bedroom Decor


Light it Up for bold bedroom decor

Bedrooms and lighting go hand in hand. You need to have a range of different lighting options so that you can read, relax, have some fun between the sheets, apply your makeup and get dressed, etc., and that means that using your lighting to make a statement makes sense. Pretty glass lampshades, lamps shaped like French bulldogs, fairy lights, candles, chandeliers, throw as many of them into the mix as you see fit and they will undoubtedly catch the eye and make the room much more interesting as a result.



Paint the Furniture for bold bedroom decor

If you have the standard bedroom furniture that everyone else has – you know the type, wooden, understated and functional, buy some pastel colored, or even bold paint in shades of pink, purple, yellow or orange and repaint them before replacing the handles and knobs with something a little more stylised. You’ll be blown away by how much cooler they look and it won’t cost you very much at all.


There’s nothing wrong with playing it safe in the bedroom, and you can do that, for the most part, if you want to, but if you replace even just one average element with something that stands out a bit more – like the ideas above – it will easily elevate the whole room and enable you to create a place that you are really proud of with bold bedroom decor


bold bedoom decor

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