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Front Doors of the Future

Let’s have a look at front doors of the future.


Front Doors of the Future


Front Doors of the Future and whee they are heading


Why doorways matter

Do you ever think about your front door?  Personally, I think the entrance to your home matters hugely. It is, after all, the very first impression a visitor receives about who you are. I am a great believer in first impressions as I really do know how much of an impact they make on me. A well kept front drive, a few beautiful pots or flowers by the entrance, a shiny nameplate for your home these all really add a welcome to your home.

I always like a house to have a name, for example, I think it shows it is both loved and cherished. I like a working bell or a beautiful brass knocker. I also love to see a gorgeous front door. It says welcome.

A beautiful door is a jewel in the crown of a lovely entrance away. I think doorways matter a lot more than people often think. I know my own door certainly needs an update – it is very boring!



Front Doors of the Future


3 important features  in a door

Quality –  Front doors are exposed to the elements and used a great deal they need to be made of  doors are of the highest quality materials,

Value – Having a high calibre entrance way to your home will increase the value of your home. It will also provide a unique selling point. What an impact a Pirnar door make on a buyer coming to look around!

Reflection – Your homes, like your clothes and your car and the way you talk, gives an impression of you immediately.  A contemporary door entrance will give an impression of you as modern and dynamic and stylish – it will say you care about design and detail and that you are modern and forward thinking and someone with a passion for quality.


Front doors of the future

Have you heard of Pirnar? Pirnar makes luxury entry doors –  modern front doors of that look and works wonderfully.

They are at the pinnacle of product design. I am so excited to show you some of their products – this is a very special brand with some very special products. They create cutting edge technology that is used by artisans to create great quality and beautiful products that are also innovative. The very best of both worlds.

Pirnar are the leading innovators of door entrance design t and heir products are known for  ‘masterly precision and handcrafted details that could not be carried out by a machine.’They are a company that are very proud of their high standards, skilled craftsmanship and forward thinking modern doors – and rightly so.


Front Doors of the Future


And really and truly aren’t they just absolutely gorgeous looking? These doors are forward-thinking, sleek and efficient.  They have elegantly hidden handles, hidden fingerprint reader, magic night illumination and more.

Do take a look!


Front Doors of the Future


Time for something new

Did you know that front doors were first created around 5000 years ago? Not much has changed at all throughout those years despite huge advances in technology.  Certainly for as long as I or my grandparents recall you put your key in the lock and bingo! your front door opens.

Well, times change and it really is time for something new. I am so very excited to show you what the front doors of the future look like.

Doors with face recognition will launch by the end of this year. I am excited to tell you about Theatrica.


The Smart door

Theatrica is actually a smart entrance wall, the first contactless and fully automatic entrance wall in the world. It has won a number of design awards and it is really rather fabulous.

Theatrica has no door handle because it doesn’t need it and no hinges because it does not rotate. Theatrica magically disappears into the wall and magically slides out of it. And it opens just for you – when it sees you without you doing anything.

I just showed my daughter, who is 11, she has declared this ‘the coolest thing in the entire world.’ I am inclined to agree I have to say! I think she would stand outside for hours watching it open and close and let’s be honest I would be right there with her!

Your Theatrica entrance wall could be made of wood, stone, glass, aluminium or anything you have always wanted on your house. What a wonderful idea indeed.

Take a peek at it in action:

Now doesn’t that sound exciting! Times certainly are a-changing.

I love to show you new innovations in design and when that also combines with quality it really does make my heart sing.


What about your front door?

So tell me about your front door, does it make you proud or are you, like me, in need of an upgrade? Do you ever even think about it? I think it’s time we gave our front doors and entrance ways the attention they deserve!

What do you think of these front doors of the future?


Front Doors of the Future


Front Doors of the Future look pretty exciting to me!


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