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Fruit and Veg Chopping Hacks

Fruit and veg chopping hacks that are just amazing

I love to share lifestyle hacks with you here at A Beautiful Space.

It is amazing isn’t it the little tricks that make life easier.  I have this fabulous infographic by Daniel Scott Kitchens to share with you today filled with inspired and inspiring fruit and veg hacks.

I cook so much more in the winter and all those lovely veggie stews and chillis and soups require a fair bit of vegetable chopping.

But I am always time short and looking for ways to make life easier for myself -these fruit and veg chopping hacks are going to speed me up!.

These essential chopping hacks will be a great help to every home cook.  I cannot wait to give the tomato slicing one ago..just think of the time and mess it could save! Let me know how you get on or if you have chopping hacks of your own you would like to share!


Fruit and veg chopping hacks that are just amazing

Fruit and veg infographic, Fruit and veg chopping hacks

I hope these chopping hacks prove to be helpful to you. Do you have any chopping hacks to share with me. If you do please leave them in the comments below. Oh  and don’t forget to pop over to Eat Simply to see more of my foodie blog posts


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