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Fun flooring

So what are is your flooring like?

Mine goes a bit like this…wood, laminate, wood, oatmeal coloured carpet, brown carpet, oatmeal carpet, grey bathroom tiles. All very neutral and yes perhaps a little bit dull if I am truthful. Chosen for practicality and blendibility.

Dullsville flooring.

Most of my friends have much the same. I haven’t seen a patterned carpet in a very long time and I have to say I wasn’t really missing it. But how how just one email can change your mind and open your eyes!

I was sent these rather amazing design concepts, the possible future of flooring  apparently  No one at all could possible call these dull!

Check out theses flooring designs by UKflooringdirect for yourself, I absolutely love them….(there’s lots more too if you follow the link)

How about a bit of a beach scene in your lounge so you can pretend you are on your summer  holidays! beach

Wouldn’t that be a conversation starter? I wonder if it would make you feel really relaxed or if it might even make someone seasick!

And how about his one (this one really made me giggle actually!)


I wonder if visitors would edge around it. Oh I bet they would. I would love to see this! Not sure about living with it permanently but it really would be fun.

And for the games board lover this Twister flooring is just brilliants isn’t it. Could be party time all the time with this on your floor! And it is most definitely bright and colourful.

I love these possible designs of the future..not sure if I am modern enough for them but they are fun flooring!


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