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Fun Things To Do In Glasgow

Although Edinburgh is the beautiful capital of Scotland, Glasgow is the fun sister city worth the visit. No matter the weather or the time you may have to kill, you’re sure to find something to do in this city.

The city’s famous motto is ‘People Make Glasgow’; for a good reason; people are often friendly and will go out of their way to be helpful even if the accent can be hard to understand at first listen.

 Below is a quick list of places and things to do for those spending a few days or simply doing a quick overnighter in this fantastic city.


Fun Things To Do In Glasgow


Visit the Tennents Brewery For A Tour

We are calling all beer lovers! Home of one of the most popular and famous pints of beer, the beloved pint of Tennents, holds regular guided tours of the brewery site that end with a fresh unpasteurized pint of Tennents Lager. Discover the processes involved in brewing on the site where the magic happens. There are several tour options, with options for heritage tours or even ones on bikes!


Forget About Deep Fried Mars Bars – Try A Curry!

Scotland is often portrayed as having a deep love for deep-fried Mars Bars; however, it is nothing more than a fun stereotype. Instead, we recommend you try Curry at some of the nation’s best Indian restaurants. After all, Glasgow is home to the famous Chicken Tikka Masala, which was first invented in this city by Chef Ali Ahmed Aslam.


Explore Nature At The Glasgow Botanical Gardens

Head to the West End of Glasgow to walk through the Glasgow Botanical Gardens. Make sure to step inside the Kibble Palace to discover a whole host of interesting plants within it, free of charge. You can also grab a drink from the different coffee vans within the gardens to take with you as you walk along the grounds. Be sure to walk down towards the Kelvin Walkway to walk through Kelvingrove Park.


Visit The Lighthouse For Excellent City Views

Just off from Buchanan Street, down Mitchell Lane, you will find The Lighthouse. It is a visitor centre, events venue and exhibition space. Head up the escalator to discover any potential exhibitions and displays on show. Work your way up to the top floor, where you will gain access to the top of the tower for fantastic views of Glasgow City.


Hire A City Bike To Cycle Along The Clyde

A great way to see any city is to do so by bike. This option is especially great if you have a bit of a time crunch. Hire a bike from a public NextBike to stand located at the River Clyde and take the scenic route along the river. This will allow you to catch more of the city skyline alongside seeing all our bridges up close. You may even catch some fantastic graffiti and street art created by our city’s best artists on the banks.


Pay The Glasgow Science Centre A Visit

Every day is a school day, particularly when you visit the Glasgow Science Centre. Discover exciting and interactive science-based exhibits that will have you leaving smarter than you came in. Check their schedule to see what exciting new events they have planned within the space before you visit for extra fun. The Glasgow Science Centre is located centrally at the River Clyde with the option to take a further walk along the river if the weather allows you to do so; the weather in Glasgow can change every hour; so always make sure to bring that umbrella, even in the Summer!


Pick Up Cool Trinket At The Barras Market

Available every weekend, head down towards the East End of Glasgow to check out the famous Barras Market. This will give you a true sense of what the real Glasgow people are like, with many old stalls within it, having been run for years by true generations of Glaswegians. The deeper you head into the markets, the weirder some things may be, but if it’s something that is one of a kind that you are after, then you’ll be heading into the right place! Whilst there, make sure to walk past The Barrowland Ballroom, one of the best music venues in the world.


See A Live Show

When in doubt, search for ‘live shows in Glasgow’ on Google, and you will find an incredible amount of things happening across many music venues within the city. Ultimately, Glasgow was awarded a UNESCO City of Music status, the first UK location to do so, for a reason. You may even be lucky enough to find an open mic night if you bring your instrument with you, and the locals will surely welcome you.



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