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Garden Projects for June

How is your garden looking do you have your garden projects for June all sorted??

Ours is green and wild at the moment. We have been slowly trying to get it into shape for summer but this month we really do need to focus. We have a number of jobs to do and projects to complete though and we need to put dome effort and time into getting it done.

Now the frost has gone we will be adding to our hanging baskets. They already look rather fabulous filled with petunias. I do love to see lovely hanging baskets over spilling with colour.

We also need to start harvesting our lavender as it is beginning to flower. We love to use the flower heads in baking or in craft projects such as this rose and lavender pot pourri.


garden jobs for june


Garden projects for June

One job we have to do is cut back a couple of  rather over excitable bushes to make way for our sweet peas planting. We will use plug plants and really should have done this already but never mind. With bit of pruning back and a bit of digging we will soon have them in and then have fresh, sweet scented flowers all summer long.



I have been reviewing some garden tools from Bunnings including this Gardena Pruning Lopper (£23.99) to cut back the bushes and it makes it so much easier. Good tools are invaluable to fuss free,  manageable gardening and these are really excellent, strong powerful and  light to handle.



I have been having a little sort out of the herb garden using these handy Bunnings Gardena Secateurs (£19.99) to chop back the woody bits. They are such good quality and so efficient.


Garden Projects for June


I have French parsley, lemon thyme and chives that seems to have survived and indeed be flourishing I want to re-plant the mint ( in a separate container as it spreads madly and take over everything) and I think I would also like to try some basil. We love to use herbs in our cooking and have recently moved to a much more plants based diet so flavourings are a must!



We also need to make sure we have cut back all our bulb foliage as soon as it has died down naturally. I am always keen to do this job as nothing looks quite so ugly as dead daffodils!



Another job we have is to clear out our shed. Boring but necessary they are filled with all sorts of rubbish we will probably never use again and a trip to the tip is in order. then we need to clean up the pool, repair any bike punctures and give the kids summer toys a wipe over.

This is going to be a very busy month!

So basically yes, let’s clear out spring and make way for summer.

It is a beautiful time of year and  our gardens will absolutely bloom with some TLC now.


garden jobs for june pin



Have these garden jobs for June inspired you?

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