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Get Your Garden Ready for Summer: Three Must-Have Tools

Today – Get your Garden Ready for Summer

Gardening is more than just a hobby. For many, it’s a way to spend a few enjoyable hours outside, stay fit and mobile, and take some time away from the stresses of everyday life. There are few things that can beat the simple pleasures of damp soil beneath your fingers, the sun shining down on your back, or watching the seeds that you planted begin to bloom.


Get your Garden Ready for Summer

But without the right tools to hand, gardening can lead to strained muscles, damp, dirty knees, and flowers that fail to thrive. That’s why you need these three must-have tools to hand this summer…

#1:  Wheelbarrow Organiser

Garden Ready for Summer

Wheelbarrows are invaluable when it comes to transporting your fertiliser, soils, plants, and so on, but they have a nasty habit of jumbling everything together. Without multiple trips backwards and forwards, your delicate bulbs are at risk of getting crushed, your tools of tearing open your carefully tied bags of manure. This is where wheelbarrow organisers come into play. Available for around £50, they fit over the top of your barrow, offering separate compartments for tools and supplies. Many even come equipped with sections to hold your phone and a drink, so that you can stay refreshed and up-to-date with your newsfeed even as you plant.

#2: Pop-Up Plant Covers

English weather is a trial for every native gardener, and unseasonal temperature drops and gale-force winds spell bad news for newly planted blooms. Pop-up plant covers offer the best solution. These handy inventions act like miniature greenhouses, protecting your flora from the worst ravages of wind, rain, and cold snaps. Available in various sizes, they’ve been proven to help plants grow around 25 percent faster, which is good news for those with green fingers.

#3: Chainsaw

Our third and final must-have is a trusty chainsaw. Available in a variety of incarnations from companies like SGS, they’re vital for tidying up your garden after a long, hard winter. With your plants requiring as much sunlight as you can give them, be sure to invest in one soon, so that you can cut back freshly sprouted branches and ensure that your new blooms get as much vitamin D as Mother Nature can provide. You’ll find that once you’ve reduced the shade and shadows that lie across your land, your bulbs will soon begin to sprout, and your newly flowered blooms will thrive.

Invest today and watch your floral haven begin to blossom.




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  1. May 3, 2016 / 6:24 pm

    Gardening is passion more than hobby. Varieties of tools is essential for garden works & off course chainsaw one of them. Thanks for your nice article. Just share it!

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