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Gardening 2.0: Rethink Your Outdoor Jobs

Gardening 2.0: Rethink Your Outdoor Jobs


Looking after and maintaining a garden takes a great deal of time and attention. And while many people would like to have an attractive and interesting outdoor space, far fewer are willing to put in the effort that they need to. But rather than giving up altogether, you should be looking for ways that you can make the act of gardening that little bit more manageable. In this blog post, we are going tobe providing you with a few top tips which are designed to help you out in this regard.


Little and Often

If you devote a whole day or even a weekend to gardening, you are bound to feel exhausted and disillusioned with the activity. Instead of trying to tackle everything all at once, you should take a little and often approach which makes it all seem that little bit more manageable. If you find that you walk away from a big gardening session with aching limbs, now is the time to do some warm up sessions before you get started. This doesn’t have to take too much effort and your body will be very grateful for it!


Create a Plan of Action

If you get out into your garden and simply run around like a headless chicken without knowing which jobs you should be tackling, this is a major issue that you need to address. Instead, you should be looking to go in with a plan of what you are going to be doing. Research the plants that you are going to buy before you get them on websites like www.chrisbowers.co.uk so that you know what sort of care and attention they need. Get some advice from your local garden centre if you are struggling with putting together your plan.


Get Some Support

Gardening can be very difficult when you are trying to do everything all by yourself, so it is certainly worth getting some support wherever you can. A professional gardener or just a friend or family member can help you out in a big way when it comes to some of the jobs which involve heavy-lifting or repetitive jobs. Two pairs of hands are always going to be better than one!


Choose Ergonomic Tools

Gardening is a job which involves a lot of bending down, repetitive action, and heavy lifting. It may be worth investing in some ergonomic tools to help you out and take away some of the strain from you. You should also be careful when it comes to transporting tools and equipment around the garden – trolleys, wheelbarrows and carts are also useful pieces that you could invest in.

Taking care of your garden can be a very enjoyable job – but you need to make sure that you are following a clear plan of action, using the right techniques, and getting the help and support whenever you need it.


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