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Get Your Garden Spring Ready

Get Your Garden Spring Ready



Get Your Garden Spring Ready – simple tips

Have you made time to get your garden spring ready?

While the cold snap is well and truly in place, daffodils will be poking their head through the soil before you know it, so it is time to start thinking about getting your garden spring ready.

You will have already planted your bulbs in October or November, however, if not, it isn’t too late to plant them, but you will have to purchase summer flowering bulbs instead, such as amaryllis, begonia and gladioli.

Once you have planted your bulbs, there are a few other things you can start doing in preparation of the seed-sowing and growing season…


Get Your Garden Spring Ready


Have a clear up & Get Your Garden Spring Ready

Start by having a good clear up of your outdoor space, this is because following the cold and frosty winter months you are likely to have a garden full of dead twigs and leaves. Rake these off the grass and sweep them from the patio, tidying up anything else that needs it as you go, including clearing debris from flower borders.


Wash the furniture

Once you have cleared the space it is time to give it a wash. Spray the hose across the patio, over the furniture – not forgetting anything you have for the wildlife such as birdbaths or feeders. This means your table and chairs will be ready for you to enjoy as the weather start to improve and for the birds and other garden animals to feed their young as they start to make an appearance in the spring.


Fix and replace

Does anything in the garden need fixing or replacing? If so, now is the time to do it. Perhaps the fence has a panel missing or the handle on the spade is about to fall off? Whatever it is, get it fixed or replaced so you have everything you need as soon as spring comes.


Clean your garden tools & Get Your Garden Spring Ready

Your garden tools have no doubt sat in the corner of your shed, collecting dust and cobwebs throughout the winter. So, once you have thrown out any you are replacing, give the remaining ones a clean. They may not be new, but they will definitely look fresh and ready to go when you have finished.


Get Your Garden Spring Ready

Create a compost area

If you don’t already have a compost area and have been considering one, now is the time. This could simply mean getting a ready-made compost bin or you may want to build your own. You will have somewhere to put your garden waste and the plants will benefit from it in the long run. Don’t forget to double check what you can and can’t put in it and remember to turn it regularly with a fork.


Move deciduous shrubs & Get Your Garden Spring Ready

If you have deciduous shrubs, then they can be moved any time during the dormant season from late October to mid-March, therefore if you want to move them and haven’t yet, now is the perfect time. Try to take as much of the root as possible, ensuring you take a wide berth around the shrub when digging it up and choose a still day to prevent it drying out. Once you have re-planted they will need to be watered regularly.


Now, you have your garden in order, you will have more time to nurture you’re the space when spring starts!


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